MVMT has piqued our interest for some time now because of its seemingly ubiquitous presence on social media. I review a lot of watches from all types (i.e. chronographs, quartz, automatic..), and MVMT has just exploded into the watch industry.

Before you buy this brand, take a look at what they offer, watch our video, peruse our comprehensive list of watch alternatives and assess the reasons why you’re buying a watch.

Then and only then can you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right watch should not only be based on what is cheap or what is on a discount, but it should be a balance of price and quality.

Does MVMT pass this litmus test?

Take a look at our unboxing and video of two MVMT watches (one from men’s and one from women’s) —

In the world of smartphones and other smart gadgets, dressing up with the perfect accessories like a good watch has taken a backseat. Still, there are many of us who love to dress completely and prefer to wear a right watch rather than depend on gadgets. A smart and elegant watch is the most important accessory for the real look to move around.

Some watch brands are revered as a fashion statement. Wearing such a watch adds to the personality of the owner and a sense of confidence. Indeed, there is no reason to wear a watch for its original intended purpose — to tell time.

So why are so many people buying MVMT watches?

In today’s digital world, people don’t need watches anymore. People use their iPhone or their Samsung phone to tell time. So it is indeed a mystery as to how MVMT got it right and struck the right chord with all the fashionistas in New York and beyond.

But before you hit that buy button and click on that MVMT Facebook ad, know what you’re buying…

Features to look for in Watches

As a watch buyer, its important to know what you’re buying before you spend that hard earned cash. Perform your due diligence and be cognizant of all the different types of watches before making a purchasing decision.

Here are some features to assess whenever you go shopping for watches (whether it’s MVMT or some other brand):


It does not matter whether you are a sports geek or having a field job, you cannot compromise on the quality and toughness of the watch. A watch made out of low grade raw material will worn out and with a lot scratches on the lens, you will not be able to read the time as well. The lens or the outer glass is the most sensitive part of the watch and is prone to deterioration in outdoor activities. The best lens is made from sapphire which is a scratch proof material.

The outer construction should also be made from some durable material like stainless steel or polymer plastic. You can check the construction details or specifications in the watch manual. The best way to trust the quality of a watch is to buy it from a reputable brand.

Water Resistance

The water-proof case is necessary to safeguard the watch from getting damaged from water effects. Watches come with different water-resistant levels. Some watches are made to receive moderate rainfall and with some watches, you can dive deep into waters. Depending on your needs you can select the watch since the cost of watch shoots up with the higher level of water resistance.

The watches come with water pressure ratings and is measured in ATM (atmospheres) . Higher the ATM more is the water-proofing protection and higher will be its cost.

For a detailed overview of water resistance and what it means, check out our ATM guide. Or check out this reference table to choose the best watch for your collection based on ATM rating:

Mechanical Vs Quartz

Nobody likes to adjust the times on their wrist-watch every fortnight. Accuracy is what you need the most in the best watches, and the quality watches are durable and tell time correctly. What’s the point of buying the watch if can’t tell the time accurately? You can find the watches in various configurations like mechanical, quartz or digital.

If you believe in perfection and accuracy in time, avoid mechanical watches since they might be little cheaper but in the long run, the time starts to lag by few seconds. Mechanical watches might look trendy at first sight but they are sensitive to both shock and heat.


Ability to read time at night or in dark places is a vital feature to look in a watch. So whether it is an analog watch or a digital one, make sure the hands or the digits are illuminated with a soft light. The light is necessary for people who like to go camping in forests or mountain hiking.

The option of light is provided by two different ways on watches. You can find either a button to switch on the light whenever required or the hands themselves are Luminescent that glow all the time and the second option is the better one and recommended.

Time Zone Settings

Some watches come with an option to set the time to different time zones. In an analog watch, additional dials are incorporated and in a digital watch, you can set and read the different time zone with a button. This feature is best who are travelers and those who want to connect to their friends or family members in another part of the world.


People who are very particular to the time schedules do need alarm facility but the options are limited since this option is mostly available in digital watches.


The stopwatch is a feature necessary for self-tracking. Popular among athletes to measure their performance, stopwatch is being used by students to check their learning speed and practicing mock exams.

About the MVMT Brand

It was the sheer courage and wit of Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante that saw a great opportunity in watch manufacturing than completing their college. Their success in their venture of manufacturing watches for the generation next is nothing short of an inspirational story for millions of youngsters will love to follow.

As with anything that has found success, there has been a backlash and negative reviews on MVMT watches. Indeed, it’s not as heavy or premium as a Gucci watch. But like most minimalist watches, it focuses on aesthetics and style. Whether or not you agree or like that style, it’s up to the buyer to decide.

At Great Watches, I am amazed at how MVMT has grown popular in the New York hipster scene. From Manhattan Avenue to Ludlow St., there’s at least one barista wearing one.

It’s all in the marketing —

They have done a great job in promoting their brand, and MVMT can be found in almost every major internet marketing channel – Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… They are a great case study on how to launch a watch brand via crowdfunding. They raised $200K in funding and turned MVMT into a multi-million dollar marketing machine.

The idea of manufacturing watches cropped up in these young minds when they were unable to find any decent watches in the category of affordable but superior watches. A brand name came with quality but with a huge price tag.

It’s a nice story so I checked them out. I bought several watches for myself and for gifts (video to come soon!) and here’s what I got:

They gave name “movement” (MVMT), to their watch brand reflecting their ideology behind their venture. The aim was to give minimalist but stylish timepiece within reach of every person who considers a watch an important accessory in personal grooming.

The consistent quality of MVMT watches made the rest of things fall at right places within a time of three years. Now, this growing company has a huge customer base that is increasing with each passing day.

The watches by MVMT are stylish, contemporary, easy to wear, minimalist and have affordable price tags. The designs are kept simple and wearable. The watches can be worn comfortably at routine or special occasions.

Most recently, MVMT has been bought by the Movado Group for $100 million.

So is MVMT worth an investment?

Take a look at some of their watches:

MVMT Product Guide 2018

Mens — Classic Black/Black (Metal)

MVMT Watch L2131B551 (Black Face)

In this MVMTChrono review, I will highlight its key features and explore why is one of the most popular collections. This is a men’s watch from MVMT’s Chrono collection. The chronograph watches are all simplistic yet stylish with simple indices and without any bold numbering. The watch uses subtle nodes with hands and dials in a contrasting tone which are hard to resist. With minimal designing, the Chrono series watches have created a statement in the watch market.

This black face watch has a simple and clean design and those who value quality over trendy looks will definitely love this masterpiece from MVMT. This watch on our top list here has a case diameter of forty-five mm and a bracelet strap with a width of 24mm. The color of both dial and band are black which signifies power and elegance. The watch is suitable to wear in offices and stylish enough for evening parties.

The timepiece is powered by Japanese quartz technology for better time accuracy. The watch is highly durable since both the bezel and strap are made from high quality stainless steel. The glass of this MVMT watch is made of mineral crystal which prevents the watch from any scratch marks. This chronograph watch is worth buying considering its design and features and is cost-effective if I compare the Chrono watches from other brands. Although the Chrono watches are pocket friendly, you can further check MVMT watches discount on their official site or at online shopping portals, like the Amazon site.

For more details, check out the full review here.

Gold/Brown Leather — Women’s

MVMT Signature Gold/Black Leather Women’s Watch

Full Review

In the category of minimalist watches for women who want to look professionally smart and sensible, the MVMT Signature Gold/Black Leather Women’s Watch is the right choice. It is also the best gift for those who do not prefer purely metallic watches. It is made with a stainless case that looks with the solid gold finish to match routine days at the workplace or joyful evening parties.

The smart and sturdy black genuine leather strap with buckle closure make it secure and fit. The neatness of the watch comes with the nicely integrated seams. The MVMT Signature Gold/Black Leather Women’s Watch has clean lines to give it a contemporary stylish look to be worn to any occasion. It goes well with a party wear as well with professional attire you wear for workplace schedule.

The white dial face against the black leather strap makes it a classic piece of essential accessory that balances your look with a graceful appeal. The three hand quartz movement is highly precise that lets you be on schedule. The date display makes it a complete organizer for the busy women like you. Its genuine leather strap goes long way by retaining the original soft and supple texture and the sheen. Its good quality, superior construction, and stunning minimalist looks make it perfect purchase to spend on.

For more details, check out the full review here.

The 40 Series – Men

MVMT MM01WGL Gold Case

Full Review

Established in 2013, MVMT has had exponential growth in such a short span of time. The reason for such a rise in popularity is its continuance improvement in quality, attractive designs and affordable price. Right from the packaging to the MVMT logo on the back of crown or its leather strap, every aspect speaks of the fine craftsmanship.

Talking about the features, the watch comes with an elegant gold finish on premium stainless steel case. The dial base is white in color and goes well with formal wear and the bigger case size of 45 mm is just perfect for today’s fashion. The watch can withstand a maximum pressure of 3ATM which means it can withstand a moderate water touch and is not recommended to do swimming or take shower wearing the watch. The strap is made from brown leather and the strap width is 24 mm which is comfortable on the wrist. In case the strap gets damaged, you can easily replace it by removing it from a raised stud.

The watch will impress you right from its box contents that include detailed instruction manual to its premium features with pocket-friendly pricing.

For more details, check out the full review here.

White Face

MVMT L2131B131 White Face

Full Review

MVMT sells watches primarily through an online portal and hence it offers premium features in its watches at minimal prices compared to its competitors. The first impression of the watch is very impressive. The watch looks trendy with white face and stainless steel construction that provides the necessary strength to the watch maintaining the thin profile overall.

Keeping the trend of bigger dials, this pretty watch has a casing of 45 mm with minimalism flair. The watch has semi-polished silver finish with a metallic strap. The stylish watch has masculine looks and is wearable with the party as well as formal attire.

This MVMT watch has a solid built but wearing it is comfortable and does not restrict the movement of the wrist at all. It can fit any wrist size since you can adjust the strap by adding or removing the metal rings. You can dive into water as deep as 30 meters since this watch comes with 3ATM ratings. This analogue watch has a quart movement(Japanese) at such a reasonable price.

Overall, this is a good buy if you are looking for a style and are indulged in outdoor activities.

For more details, check out the full review here.


You need not spend more for just the sake of brand names when you can get the same premium features in MVMT watches at much lesser price. You can find MVMT watches for sale only on online e-commerce sites since there are no physical stores to sell them. The MVMT Nova is one of the popular models in women’s category. This model is favorite among ladies and the best MVMT watch at the moment.

At the first glance, you will be impressed by the overall look of the watch. It looks sturdy and soothes your eyes with silver finish on both strap and case. The case is constructed from plated stainless steel which provides the perfect toughness needed in a watch for outdoor activities. The case measures 38mm and weight of watch is perfect standard for women.

If you are into watersports, the MVMT Nova is not designed for swimming or scuba diving. The watch can withstand a maximum pressure of 3ATM and offers water resistance against minor spills. The hand movement is provided by Miyota quartz and guarantees the accuracy of time. The watch has a 3-hand combination but there is no option of calendar-date. The strap is in mesh form made from solid stainless steel and is comfortable to wear. The width of the band is 18mm. Considering the price tag and minimalistic approach, MVMT Nova is highly recommended.

Signature Gold Finish

MVMT MF01-GBR Signature Gold Finish

Full Review

Some people find leather strap more comfortable compared to metallic ones. Apart from giving the watch a stylish look, the leather band makes the watch lightweight and adds more comfort to the wrist. The strap of MVMT MF01-GBR is made from the leather of pig skin and the color is dark brown which matches the golden case of the watch. The brown/gold color combination suits to a long range of wardrobe. You can wear this watch to the office and also goes well with a casual attire or for night outs with your spouse.

The dial comes with a simple design with no numbers or marks. It is one of the cleanest watches in our list of best MVMT watches. The hands have a gold finish and are in contrast to the color of the dial so that the time is readable in areas with low light. The dial has 3 hands and a compact date window.

The case of this women’s watch is 38 millimeters and is made from stainless steel material. The band width is eighteen millimeters and the clasp is buckle type for easy adjustment to wrist size. The watch is designed for all occasions and seasons. You can go 30 meters deep into the water without any fear of damage to watch. I hope this review of MVMT timepieces will help you take a wise decision when picking the best watch for yourself or your spouse.

For more details, check out the full review here.

Boulevard Abbot Kinney Leather Women’s Watch

MVMT Boulevard Abbot Kinney Leather Women’s Watch

Full Review

MVMT has rightly sensed the needs of watch lovers and designed the watches with innovative appeal and priced them way below the flagship watch brands. This one is from boulevard series of MVMT collection which comes with a leather strap with a soft touch. The color of the band is classic white that speaks of elegance and style. Although you can wear it with any wardrobe but it best suits as an office wear watch.

The shape of the watch is round and the movement is analogue quartz for best accuracy. The dial and the band are white but the case is in contrast with gold finish. The case which is 38mm in diameter is durable and life long since it is made of stainless steel. The outer glass of all MVMT watches is made from long lasting and scratch proof mineral crystal and MVMTMB01-GCR is no exception.

The watch cannot handle the water pressure more than 3ATM so it’s not recommended for water sports activities. The 18mm width of the band looks classy on women’s hands. The dial has 3 hands to read the time and a date windows to update yourself. Reasonably priced and simplistic design, this watch is recommended for business women.

For more details, check out the full review here.

Signature Silver Arctic Leather Women’s Watch

MVMT Signature Silver Arctic Leather Women’s Watch

Full Review

The MVMT Signature Silver Arctic Leather Women’s Watch is a fun watch with a silver dial face and a pig skin leather band in Light Blue color. It is a star watch from MVM range that looks like a perfect match to the Diva in you. It is an attractive, minimalist and smart piece in women watches from MVMT. It showcases the stylish but sober looks typical to all MVMT watches. The analog silver dial face sparkles your day with its sparkling appeal.

This is a well-constructed watch and when you wear it for fun filled evenings or entertaining party nights, you will get compliments from everyone around you. It is a luxurious looking watch available at an affordable price. It wows you with its great shape, ease of wearing and an evergreen design. All those graceful ladies can adorn this watch and be the center of attraction at any gathering. It is an easy to read watch with markings for hours and a display window for a date. Its affordable and smart silver watch with a perfectly matching blue band and silver buckle.

For more details, check out the full review here.

FAQ – MVMT Product Guide

The hands movement is based on which technology?

MVMT uses the best movement technology in the watch industry. The company uses Japanese Quartz movement which is best as far as precision is concerned.

Where are MVMT watches made?

Their quartz movement is made by Miyota, who is credited with the Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz Movement. Miyota is a subsidiary of the company that makes the Citizen line of watches. To learn more about where MVMT wristwatches are made, check out our informative section.

What is the ATM rating of an MVMT timepiece?

MVMT watches come with varied ratings of water resistance. MVMT offers models of watches with 3 ATM, 5 ATM, and 10 ATM water resistance.

What is the quality of lens of your MVMT accessory?

The glass is made from a scratch-free hardened (reinforced) mineral crystal.

What is the warranty on MVMT wristwatches?

The MVMT provides a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover straps, batteries or glass of the watch.

Is MVMT Cheap?

You will find MVMT watches are cheap (as in price) while maintaining the highest quality and accuracy in watches. The MVMT watches have all the premium features that you will find in flagship brands.

How to Take Care of your MVMT Watch?

Guys who made MVMT watches can empathize with the watch-buying process, and they understand the kind of lives you follow. You don’t have time to spend on routine things that may complicate your schedule. So, MVMT ensures that while enjoying this great watch for the young generation, you don’t have to spend hours or dollars to keep it functional and clean.

You can do these simple things:

  • You must be aware of the battery needs of MVMT Watch and do the replacement without a day’s loss. It can be done at home or at a MVMT retailer. Just ensure that the battery replacement must strictly adhere to the recommendation for your MVMT model.
  • Take your MVMT watch to an authorized MVMT watch service center after every 3 years and get its thoroughly serviced so that you keep wearing your cherished watch for many years to come.
  • You can clean the watch and the band with four parts of rubbing Ammonia and one part water with the help of a soft cloth. Avoid all kinds of soap products or harsh chemicals usually suggested for other accessories. Don’t soak your watch in any of the solutions.

Is MVMT Worth the Price?

As a functional tool, watches are no longer needed to tell time. Watches are now a fashion statement.

So is it worth spending $150 on an MVMT watch?

Only you can decide if the price is worth it. MVMT has a sleek, minimalist style that will work well in a formal work environment or a quick cafe cortado at your nearest favorite Brooklyn coffee shop. As a shopper of MVMT watches, I don’t regret buying them, and I have even gifted them to family and friends.

They are not a Rolex. They are not an Omega James Bond watch. However, they do look good with a blue blazer and neatly pressed khakis.

I hope that this honest review of the MVMT brand has been useful. Happy shopping!