4 Reasons to Wear a Watch

Remember this period in time:

Apple introduced its revolutionary phone dubbed the “iPhone.” It was meant to be the ultimate phone to replace all phones.

Since its debut in 2007, it spawned the ubiquity of smartphones – phones that can show you movies, help you text to friends, be on social networks, tell time and oh yes… call your friends.

Not only did it kill companies like Nokia (who could not keep up with the smartphone revolution), but it also revolutionized our thinking on watches.

  • Why get your wrists sweaty when I can just look at my phone to tell time?
  • Why pay $100, $200 for something that I’ll never use?

Yes, one can say that the iPhone and smartphones in general… almost … almost killed the watch industry.

I only say almost because I can say that the new generation of watch companies understand what it will take to survive in this iPhone world of ours.

Gone are the days when you would wear a watch simply to tell time. Then you might ask —

Why bother with watches when I don’t need it to tell time?

The more mature brands doesn’t seem to have many answers to this conundrum, and I suspect that they will go to the wayside like Nokia.

I’ll let you in on a secret –

I’ve seen that watches will continue to succeed if they take a page from Steve Jobs playbook. You see Steve Jobs not only made old school watches obsolete, but he also paved the way for how the watch industry can survive in an iPhone crazed world –

Marketing. Baby.

Indeed, take a look at the rapid growth of MVMT watches. Are they the same quality as more well known brands? Will an NFL scout ever use an MVMT watch to time the sprint of an NFL prospect?


It’s because the new generation of watch companies (like MVMT and other minimalist brands) understand and have embraced the concept of watches as a fashion statement. Sell the image. Sell the lifestyle of being cool by wearing a watch.

The new generation of Instagram fueled watch brands seem to get it. This is why they have all these pretty pictures of beautiful people on IG, Facebook and Youtube all wearing their watches. It’s all about the aesthetics and selling the image.

Which leads me to the first reason (out of four) on why it’s worth wearing a watch in 2018 and beyond:


Studies have shown that a woman is open to wearing a plethora of accessories. In the case of a man, cufflinks and watches are total entitlement. With any kind of a suit or coat, a man can upgrade his appearance by using cufflinks & watches, time and again.

It’s even more important at work to stand out. According to government research, there is a high correlation between men who get promotions and men who pay attention to what they wear. This is not a surprise.

Let me tell you why –

There is something incredible that cannot be denied with wrist watches. Watches are often used by people who care so much about their precious time.

Stylish, classic and sophisticated watches are a great attribute of successful businessmen. Businessmen wearing wrist watches are usually accepted as being professional, organized and reliable.

It is important to know that women may wear watches for decorative and fashionable reasons. One of the true images of successful businessmen through the ages has been the idea of wearing wrist watches.

Another amazing thing about wrist watches is the representation of manhood. For this reason, most wrist watch commercials and articles are usually pointed at men instead of women.

It’s male chauvinism with a universal theme…

The cultural facts of history have been able to prove why watches are attributed to men. A wrist watch also has much to do with money, power and other attributes associated with men.

Irrespective of your gender, wrist watches help to show the sign of success in areas of career, profession, business and much more.

Why everybody wears it at the office —

Before I started operating a watch store, I was spent many years working in a corporate office. Everywhere you saw were drones and drones of people wearing the same type of clothing – red tie, white shirt and a dark navy suit. So the corporate conundrum was this –

How do you stand out when everyone wears the same stuff?

This is why accessories came into play. Instead of a plain red tie, you could wear red with some stripes. Or wear a lighter shade of blue for your suit. Never black though as the corporate world was macabre enough.

Finally, you could wear a watch to differentiate yourself from the other corporate drones. This is why the executives had a whole range of Rolexes and Breitlings to choose from. For the rest of us, we needed to find more economical choices.

The point is this –

Watches are a form of fashion statement. If you take the time to coordinate it with your outfit, people will notice. The right watch, like the right tie, could make a world of a difference when you get stuck in the elevator and have your proverbial elevator pitch moment with the CEO.

Wrist watches can come in a colourful, sporty, rubber and shiny feature. It is your choice to select the best watch that represents who you are.

There is always a special watch that can represent your daily condition and activity. A wrist watch is one of the best ways to upgrade your personality. A wrist watch is functional and versatile.

Which leads me to social functions…

Do you think people notice what you wear in a formal event? Yes! Why do you think actors and actresses spend thousands… sometimes millions of dollars on their clothes when they sashay down the red carpet. They have a whole army of designers who meticulously pick and choose every article on their body.

The necklaces… the rings… the tattoos… the hair… and of course the watch.

Every article… every ornament of your attire will get close scrutiny so watches are a must in formal events.

What about the bar or a less format social event? In a survey of 100 women, 56% of them said they paid attention to a man’s accessories. It isn’t a surprise that women are quite meticulous when choosing their potential mates. It’s human nature:

So if you wanna attract the ladies and be too sexy for your shirt… wear a watch man!


Here’s what’s most curious about watches.

You always wear it on your wrist. And when you do that, it’s always staring back at you.

Sometimes when I procrastinating and trolling on Reddit, I see images of my Mom on the watch calling me out and yelling:

“Did you do your homework yet?”

That’s when I know it’s time to stop trolling the Trumpists on Reddit and start working on more productive things, like this amazing watch site for minimalist watch brands!

Seriously –

When you wear a watch, it’s a constant reminder that time is of the essence. It’s like staring at you from 9-5 (if you’re still stuck in a corporate job), and you see the second hand ticking away…

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Have you been productive today? You do realize that you can never redo that second you just past –

Every passing minute counts. By having a watch on wrist, you’ll always be reminded of this. So whether you use the Pomodoro technique or a complicated system of sticky notes on your computer screen, you’ll be laser focused on:

  • What you need to do
  • Why you need to do it this very second
  • How much time is left until it’s all over

Wearing a watch is a form of torture and discipline. In one way, you’ll always be reminded how precious little time you have left to accomplish what you gotta do.

On the other hand, it’s stressful knowing that you never have enough time left to do what you gotta do.

No matter how you look at it – a watch will help you understand this clearly:

Every minute counts.

Be discipled and get sh*t done man!


The display of smartphones has become popular in areas such as restaurants, cafes, bars and even workplace environments. In fact, it is evident that before some people have taken a seat their smartphone will first be placed on the table.

And this my man is a major issue in today’s youth. Instead of going to a coffee shop for a $1.00 cup of coffee and fanciful chat with the cute, freckled faced barista back in the ancient ‘90s… People now go to Starbucks to pay for $6.00 cups of coffee and complain about the wifi.

Perhaps if people stopped staring at phones they’d realize how much they’re getting overcharged for “free wifi” and their wocha-mocha, Sundan imported chocolate, organic coffee.

Now imagine a guy with no phone (only his Omega) walked into a bar –

Notice the difference… Of course it’s not fair. James Bond can make Fireball shots sexy. But point is…

Put down the iPhone. Wear that sexy watch. Round up them femme-fatales like the Agent 007.


Now this isn’t a fashion point, but watches do have functional uses.

If you’re like me, it’s important to have a watch for your workouts. Time and time again – I’ve mentioned that my favorite watch is this:

It only costs $10. Now, I don’t suggest it’s like an MVMT watch or a James Bond Omega watch. However, it does have its functional use as a great stop watch.

Speaking of chronograph watches —

You’ll learn how useful they are in this chronograph guide. There’s a reason why astronauts, rock climbers and aviation explorers don’t leave home without their chronograph watch!

I know the iPhone has a stopwatch. But I use my iPhone to listed to angry Eminem music to pump me up for that big deadlift or PR bench press. I don’t need to be fumbling through my pockets for my iPhone in between sets to time my rests.

It’s much more efficient to slap on my reliable Casio on my wrist and use it as a stopwatch.

I have attained amazing PRs, and I attribute much of my success to my “cheap” $10 Casio. That Casio on my wrist is like a visible reminber:

“Stop effing around you puny human. Pump it up, Man!”

So yes, the right watch can do wonders for your health and your self-aggrandizement.

If you are always engaged in workouts, it is a good idea to use a watch. Timing your workouts with a watch will help to know when to rest in between workout sets.

Can you now see why wear a watch is a great idea to anyone?

Without any scintilla of doubt, there are tons of reasons to wear a wrist watch. Nevertheless, the few points in this article will help to encourage people to start wearing a watch.

Indeed, the introduction of the iPhone was meant to replace the Nokias of the worl. It’s unintended effect was the elimination of the need for wearing watches to tell time. With everyone staring at their watches all day, it’s no longer necessary to flick your wrists and look at the time.

Might as well finish that Candy Crush level and see how much time left until my next cigarette break.

However, the iPhone was also a catalyst in the evolution of the Instagram fashionistas. And this is the future of watches.

It’s a fashion statement.

Whether its for work, for school, or for chatting up the cutesy barista, its still important to stand out from the crowd. Unless you’re cool with being with being a plaid, vanilla Abercrombie & Fitch clone, its important to find your style.

“Your thing.”

What makes you stand out. What makes you special. Strike a pose, vogue baby.

The right watch can give you all of those things and help you up your Instagram game immensely. So be a man. Wear a watch!