Who Am I?

GreatWatches.nyc was launched in 2017 by Reggie Beltran, who is a typical New Yorker working in finance. Outside of finance, he is into fitness, a Quoran scholar, an avid pinner, a YouTuber and a film producer at 2Bridges Productions. His interest in James Bond films piqued his interest in watches, and has been a fan of horology ever since.

He also builds many sites for himself and various other clients. The two passions for watches, and building websites came together and POOF — Great Watches was born!

We have a small team of dedicated individuals who help create, curate, and publish content on a regular basis. Our aim is to provide content geared to people who value great watches at affordable prices. We also like to highlight interesting trends in the industry and stay abreast of interesting developments in the world of horology.

What We Are

  • Content that is easy to read, enjoy, entertain and promote heated debates at your local pub
  • Provider of strikingly visual images of super models with watches and blatant product promotions
  • Explaining and Reviewing various brands
  • Helpful information for the amaeur and professional collector alike

Affiliate Disclosure

We are affiliated with various promotional programs associated, such as Amazon, Walmart and brand specific promotions, like MVMT and Mileneal Watches. As I stated in the beginning, I make websites as a side gig and to help pay for hosting fees, videos, pictures and content. I do opine on the various products of this site and provide accurate specs and technical information. I also do promote the products because it helps with keeping the site afloat.