Digital Vs Analog Watch – Which Is Better?

Digital. Analog. Analog. Digital. You say to-mah-toe. I say to-may-toe. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Digital or Analog – which is better?

Does it even matter as long as it looks good?

We can all agree on this —

Wrist watches are worn by people for a plethora of reasons. Some people wear wrist watches to easily tell the time, while others may be for more personal reasons. Some watches may be acceptable over others due to the additional features of their design.

This can be found in features such as calculators, stopwatches, GPS and even chronometers. Irrespective of the timepiece that people use, it is often categorized under two major designs – analog or digital watch.

With this idea, it is easy for users to know the actual designs, watch components and movements available in a digital or analog timepiece. Making the best decision and considering the right option of watches to use is possible when you understand the classification of either a digital or analog timepiece.

When it comes to watches or fashion in general, it’s important to make the right decision.

In this article, we promise to settle the debate once and for all!

Why choose an Analog Watch?

By mechanical structures, an analog clock or watch uses a mechanism to tell the time. These mechanical structures can be in the form of hands and a dial. In the case of a digital watch, electronic structures in the likes of LED and a liquid crystal can help to indicate time.

Here is a nice Vincero Watch:

With a miniature clock face, an analog watch will be able to display time for twelve hours easily. This includes a minute and an hour hand of display.

There is every possibility to find a second hand with certain analog timepieces. At the moment, you can find analog timepieces with Roman numerals and traditional numbers. There are marks displaying the sixty minutes in an hour for most analog timepieces. While digital timepieces often come with extra features, analog watches also unveil upgraded functions.

Analog timepieces are highly traditional when compared to digital watches. In fact, analog watches can be found in a plethora of prices and styles. For people who love classic accessories, an analog watch may be the best choice. Analog timepieces are ideal for elegant events that need formal appearance and dress.

Take it from James Bond. It goes well with the car.

Indeed, a watch is a fine accessory to take into a formal event. With the right combination of a tie, a tuxedo and a nice watch, you’ll be turning heads at the bar.

Pros for choosing an analog watch:

  • Analog watches have more elegant look
  • An analog timepiece comes with sophisticated wrist termination
  • Analog watches are special for all kinds of events
  • Analog timepieces are highly durable that digital watches due to their harder materials
  • Analog watches come with greater design variety than digital timepieces.

Cons for choosing an analog watch:

  • Analog watches operate with higher economic value than digital timepieces
  • Certain old analog watches don’t come with a lighting operation system
  • This will make it difficult and hard to read your time at night
  • Analog watches lack alternative options such as smart timers and calendars which are easily found in a digital timepiece
  • Time precision may be a huge problem for analog timepieces.

Why Choose a Digital Watch?

Digital easily means something in a number or counted on fingers. As oppose to digital, analog implies a continuous quantity. With digital timepieces, you will find the time in minutes and hours on electronic displays. Certain digital timepieces also show seconds in a well-tracked display.

Here is the very popular Apple Watch that are as ubiquitous as this minimalist watch in any hipster cafe in Brooklyn:

One thing is sure for digital watches and that remains a gamut of amazing features. Calendar, stopwatches, alarms, calculators, GPS and other great functions often appear in digital watches. Digital timepieces can be designed to attract low and costly rates along with upgraded features.

Here’s a helpful digital watch that I wear almost every day:

My very own testimonial on owning a cheap digital watch —

This Casio digital watch is not flashy. It’s less than $10 but I wake up 5:00 AM every morning and this watch is one of the first things I put on. Then I head onto the gym for a hardcore gym session. This simple $10 watch has helped me track rest in between sets and kept me on track with my workout.

Before I had this watch, I would dilly dally in the gym. Do my reps. Finish a set. Watch the analog clock on the wall. Then check my Twitter feed for basketball updates or check out hot fitness personalities on the Instagram. What was supposed to be a two minute rest in between sets – extended into a three or four minute rest!

Needless to say, I wasted a lot of time and wasted a lot of gains.

When I got this watch, I become more aware of my dilly dally attitude. I became more disciplined and became more efficient in my workouts.

The precision of a digital watch does have its purpose, especially when you’re into sports and fitness. There’s a reason why you don’t see NFL scouts, using their Rolex to time athletes in the combine.

Imagine trying to time this NFL player with a Rolex —

For sports, digital watches are great. But it can also be fashionable, hence all the baristas in Brooklyn own at least 1 Apple watch.

If you are looking for cool accessory that can be used on a daily basis, a digital watch is a solid choice.

Keep in mind —

Since digital timepieces come with a casual look, it is may not be recommended for normal events.

Pros for Choosing a Digital Watch:

  • Digital watches are cost-effective than analog timepieces
  • There is more resistance in the structure, design and architecture of a digital watch
  • Digital timepieces can be powered and operated by solar energy without requiring batteries
  • Athletes can benefit great from using a digital watch
  • Digital timepieces are designed with extra features such as timers, calendars and just to mention a few
  • Digital watches offer complex information in the likes of hundredths of milliseconds and seconds.

Cons for Choosing a Digital Watch:

  • Digital watches are less resistant and fancy due to the plastic materials used in their production process
  • There can be a break in the normal functioning since digital timepieces operate on electronic systems
  • Digital watches often have small target audiences. These watches are often used by men between the ages of ten and forty
  • The elegance of digital watches is little. This makes it not highly acceptable or widely used for formal occasions.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose analog or digital

There are certain factors to consider when planning to select between an analog and digital watch. However, it is important to know that these factors are tied to your personal style and preference.

Reading The Watch

Analog watches come with a display that looks similarly like ancient sundials. Analog timepieces are recorded as the earliest form of watch or way of reading time. The truth is that not everybody likes to use analog timepiece to read the time.

Some people may not be able to read the time on analog watches easily. Digital watches are easy to read due to the display of numbers, making it preferable by many people.

Watch Settings

If you are able to push some buttons in the right direction, it is easy to set a digital timepiece. To set a digital watch in the proper direction, you will need to make use of the instruction manual. Provided you can set a digital timepiece with the manual instruction, it will continue to linger on until the battery runs out.

Most analog watches come with buttons by the side to help you set them accurately. Remember that buttons must be pulled out and pressed back to set an analog watch in the right direction.

Watch Style Preference

At this juncture, it is crucial to mention that analog and digital timepieces come in a plethora of styles and designs.

Buyers will have to make a decision to the style that suit them best.

Examples of digital watch:

Examples of analog watch:

Still confused on what to buy? Here’s what matters

It is always a personal decision when selecting between an analog and digital watch.

That goes for anything related to fashion. Figure out your style. Find the right outfits and accessories that fit your persona. Then glam it up!

I hope the information in this article will help you see the differences between a digital vs analog watch. Nevertheless, ensure to consider the readability, setting and style when you want to choose between a digital and analog watch.