Finding the Perfect Cuff Watches

Cuff watches are becoming more and more popular, and trendy among the fashion market. Their easy design of buckling onto your wrist, and their elegant designers are definitely a great add to any outfit. Many of today’s trends are moving towards metals, and jewels instead of the girl-next-door, plain-Jane kind of style although plain styles can compliment many outfits, and are still often a great choice.

Among the different trends coming out, the cuff bracelets are one of the hottest – a combination of a bracelet, and a watch. Not only are they a great way to keep track of the time, but they look just like bracelets, and with more different designs which can easily compliment your outfit, and add that finishing touch. With all the designer trends, jewels, and designs, it’s almost impossible sometimes to find one that seems to suit you.

If you’re in the market for a new watch, here’s some pointers for you:

Designs + Quality

It is important to pick out one an elegant design that can suit your personality, and many of your wardrobes. Being metal, it is also important to make sure that the quality of the cuff watch is good. There’s no point in buying some cheap metal which will only turn to rust in a matter of days. There are many cuff watches in sterling silver touches and more for affordable prices out there.

It is important to have a good quality watch which works well. Not only does the bracelet’s style have to come in mind, it is important that the watch will not break or stop working after all. Also, check to see if there is a way you can fix the watch or change the batteries. Some cuff watches out there won’t allow these functions; thus, when the watch breaks down, there’s not much use for the bracelet anymore since the whole point of a cuff watch is to have a useable watch.

Metal color

Cuff watches are most popular in metal, and you can find them in many different sorts of metals. It is important to find a metal that will compliment your skin tone. Generally, if you have really pale skin type (depending on the tome), you may want to steer clear of gold as sometimes it can seem as if it’s straining all the color out of you.

It is important to look at the metals on you. Just because it looks good on display, it doesn’t mean that it will match your skin tone. Those with medium skin tone may also want to pay attention to bright, shiny metals as it can seem to make your skin appear duller. If you’re not sure about it, bring a friend along and ask them which metal looks good with your skin tone.


If you’re looking to buy a cuff watch with jewels on it, it is important to look at the quality of the jewel. It doesn’t have to be exactly top notch quality. Semi-precious stones like hematite look wonderful.

Many semi-precious stones are not as expensive as you may think, and the outcomes they give are definitely better than some of the beaded jewelry out there. Semi-precious stones are very eye-catching, and will shine like there’s no tomorrow.

In conclusion, cuff watches are a unique and affordable design, and offers a suitable alternative to a Rolex wristwatch or MVMT timepiece. Read our reviews on MVMT watches to learn more.