Fun and Easy Summer to Fall Fashion Tips for Women

As the warm summer weather segues into the more variable forecast of fall, it is perfectly possible for women to continue donning some of their summer favorites by revamping them into styles befitting of the new season.

One trick to dressing for the fall is layering and accessorizing and here are a few little hints on how to do it with pizazz and finesse.

Adapt these tips to suit your own personal style and enjoy a new look without having to buy a new wardrobe.

Flaunt Fall Fashion Cardigans

Cardigans are an ideal and multifaceted item of attire for your fall fashion wardrobe, because they will enable you to continue wearing some of your favorite summer tanks, camisoles, or other light, strappy, sleeveless tops by simply adding a cardigan to the mix, like the cherry on top a delicious milkshake.

Cardigans don’t just come in big, bulky, wooly sweater styles anymore; they come in all shapes and sizes and materials, ranging from cotton to silk to acrylic blends.

Some of them zip, some of them button, some of them tie-but the trait they all share that makes them so wonderfully versatile for fall is that you can opt to leave the front of your cardigan either fastened or unfastened (or partially fastened or alternate between various levels of fasten-ation), depending upon your style, your environment, and the changing temperature).

Chances are your wardrobe is already equipped with some cardigans, but if not, consider the tops you’ll be combining them with.

For example, if you have a lot of bright or creatively patterned tops in your repertoire, then choosing a few solid-colored cardigans in basic or complementary hues would probably be your most versatile wardrobe selection, unless you like to go crazy with mixing patterns.

If it’s not your style to mix patterns, but you’d still like to try some dynamic combinations, think creatively when it comes to complementary colors.

What about a dark brown combined with a light peach or a bright aqua?

That’s just one small idea; you can experiment with your own palette; I think it’s much more fun to play with personal style than to be bound by somebody else’s conventions of style do and don’t.

You can pretty much do whatever you want on your own time, as long as you’re comfortable with it. One of my favorite kind of cardigans in recent years is a shrug-length cardigan or one that is just a bit longer than shrug-length and has long strands of fabric affixed that are fit to be tied in the front.

Sometimes I tie them; sometimes I let them dangle down like strange fake animal tails.

Knee Sock Your Way Out of Fashion Drudgery

I am a big fan of knee socks (and over-the-knee socks), as an easy way to add some fun, creative, vivacious flair to almost any outfit. From solid colors to funky patterns, from nylon-textured with seams or bows, from fishnet to rainbow-striped to neon-argyled to green glittered and more, I just adore knee socks.

My mom would beg to differ; she has been known to inform me that I’m a little too old to be wearing knee socks (I’m well over 30). However, I must disagree with her opinion in that regard.

Not only are knee socks a fun fashion accessory in general, they are even more fabulously-suited to the summer-to-fall seasonal transition, because all a gal has to do in order to continue sporting some of her short skirts and even shorts well into the chillier months is to add a pair of knee socks to the affair.

Now your legs are warmed up, plus you’ve recast an old piece of attire into a whole new play.

I mentioned above that I think it’s fun to experiment with nontraditional color combinations. Well, this is especially true when it comes to a solid-colored main attraction and a more offbeat-hued accessory, such as knee socks.

I recently paired a lavender colored stewardess-style dress with some bright green fishnet knee highs and was quite pleased with that juxtaposition.

Hot pink fishnet knee highs would have worked well, too, or brightly-colored, argyle-patterned wool knee highs.

What color would you like? Are you a black & white stripes kind of gal or a retro 80s primary colored hearts on baby blue backdrop kind of gal?

Your options are almost unlimited, but if your creative juices seem stilted when it comes to socks, Amazon or Walmart fashion just might start you salivating.

Even Target stores often offer a delightful assortment of socks.

Also keep in mind the possibilities of thigh highs, patterned tights, or legwarmers as friendly fall fashion accessories.

Flirty little summer dresses sometimes look good paired with jeans (and topped with a cardigan; see above), too. Vintage waitress dresses almost always look super-duper with knee socks.

Semi-Permanent Accessory

Let’s say you only have the budget for one fashion expenditure to carry you through the summer-to-fall seasonal style transition, but you don’t have a particular piece of attire in mind.

In that case, why not consider dying your hair?

A shiny new hair color might look beautifully dramatic enough to infuse last year’s wardrobe with a new style vibe.

If your hair was light-colored or highlighted for the summer, think about changing to a darker hue for the fall-something rich and opulent and infused by the season.

When I think of the autumnal season, I think of changing leaves, dark gemstones, stained glass inside old churches, and slowly ripening vegetables and fruits.

Using this kind of fall imagery as my cue, I would suggest that some especially lovely new hair colors for the fall would involve garnet or plum or eggplant hues.

Another option would be to enact a slightly darker variation upon your natural shade, either via permanent or semi-permanent hair dye (which could be applied either at a salon or by yourself at home) or by using henna.

Henna application tends to be a bit messier, but it’s all natural, so instead of smelling vaguely of chemicals, your head will smell earthy and maybe even akin to a deliciously ripening apple crossed with a fall bonfire.

If you don’t desire to subject your entire head of hair to such treatment, then why not consider a few well-placed vibrant streaks inspired by the changing trees?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels