Glam Fashion on a Budget: 5 Tips to Rock Your World

Are you on a fashion budget?

Check out these 5 tips for the budget conscious fashionista.

You can stretch your fashion budget and still look great.

Glam Fashion on a Budget: Tip 1

Accessories are the easiest way to jazz up an outfit. They are not an expensive investment compared to the cost of an outfit. So they are first on the list to stretch your clothes budget.

And they change an outfit immediately so you can see at a glance if you like the look. And with accessories, an outfit is worn more often because you change accessories each time it is worn.

I have a black, sheath dress. When I wear it, I have 4 different jackets to choose from to wear with it. I also have matching shoes to go with each jacket.

Sometimes, I add a belt, hat, purse and/or jewelry each time I wear it. This provides a unique look every time I go out.

When the accessories stand out, the dress isn’t as noticeable. And I can wear the dress by itself so that’s another fashion choice as well.

And accessories don’t always have to be expensive to look good. Many places offer lower-priced items that look great such as Forever 21. It is a real find for anyone who wants to dress glam but is on a budget.

Glam Fashion on a Budget: Tip 2

Shoes are a fashion statement all on their own. Funky boots, platforms, cowboy boots, sandals and gladiator shoes all create a different look.

When the shoes are striking in style, the rest of the outfit fades in the background without losing impact. You don’t want to over do it. You can end up looking like a clown which is worse than an understatement. Let the shoes do the talking.

Glam Fashion on a Budget: Tip 3

If you haven’t tried vintage shops yet, you haven’t released your inner designer. Look through vintage shops for items that appeal to you. If you like the pattern, the material or the general over-all look, grab it.

There is usually some kind of alteration that can be made to update it. Cut weird sleeves off. Wear a funky top over it and belt it. Change the hemline by adding fringe. You can even take it to a tailor and show them what you want. It’s still a good buy compared to retail prices.

Glam Fashion on a Budget: Tip 4

Let’s say you have a party invitation but don’t feel you can purchase a new dress. It just isn’t in your budget. Find a dazzling top to wear instead.

The top becomes the focus and is paired with jeans, pants or a skirt that you already own. Add high heels, a hat and bling. Bingo, you have a great look for a lot less expense than a new party dress.

Glam Fashion on a Budget: Tip 5

Believe it or not, great hair is the best fashion statement you can make. It sets the tone. And whatever clothes you wear look like an accessory to the hair. So keep a good cut and a good style at all times.

If you aren’t sure what the best style is, go to an upscale shop. Let them help you find a style. Once you have it, you can return to a moderately priced shop for up-keep. Tell them to trim the tips when you go in.

Just don’t let it grow out too much before you go back in. They have to be able to follow the original cut. It’s better to go in every 4-6 weeks and ask them to trim the tips.

If you wait much longer than that, your stylist may not be able to follow the original, expensive cut. If the hair doesn’t look great, then no matter how much you spend on your outfit, you look lame.

Use these 5 tips to keep that glam fashion look without busting your budget. And you might discover your inner designer at the same time too.

Once that happens, you may choose to continue creating your own glam fashions.

(Photo from Pexels).