Henry Jay Watch Review

Today, we’ll review the Henry Jay watch, which had quite a surge in sales in December at our Great Watches shop.


Henry Jay watches are known to be great in quality and in design. These are smart looking and superior quality watches which allow the users to benefit from the functionality of a great watch along with an excellent design. It is a company that has taken watch making to another realm, since they have been around. According to the company web site, they aim to produce “irresistible timepieces that convey a sensation of power while remaining affordable.”


This Henry Jay watch review cannot be complete without mentioning their most popular category of watches which are the Aquamaster Dive watches that have really set the company apart with their useful features and reliability. Their watches have become an integral part of the user’s lives by enriching them with style and class. The most popular designs by Henry Jay are the Aquamaster water resistant series of sports watches, that are quite different from the rest of the watches that are available in the market and they stand apart in terms of the use and their durability.

The company has made a name for itself by producing great quality timepieces but at the same time, making them affordable for everyone to use. The whole team at Henry Jay is committed to providing the customers an exceptional watches that would not just stand out in terms of design but also provide functionality and be long lasting and durable.


At Great Watches, we take pride in reviewing up-and-coming minimalist brands. From MVMT to Vincero, we have you covered. Here’s how Henry Jay compares with other watch brands and styles:

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Vincero WatchLaced with
Italian Marble.
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Original GrainWooden. Eco-Friendly.Read Full Review
Henry JayProfessional Dive Watch.Read Full Review


The aim of Henry Jay watches makers to provide a great quality watch at an affordable price. The watches that are they manufacture are superior in quality and design, made with stainless style that makes them long lasting and durable. Their vision is to remain affordable as well, which means everyone can afford one easily. Their focus remains on style and design but at the same time, also on functionality to have a great working watch which can be worn every day and not just a show piece.

The watches are long lasting and durable and made with extreme care by the highly dedicated expert team to provide the users with a great time piece. Affordability is also one of the key factors and features when it comes these watches. The company also intends to provide their watches with such a unique design that incorporates multiple layers: to equip the users with a great quality and style of watches, while at the same time flaunting their excellence at an economical price.


The Henry Jay Aquamaster watch series are the most popular series of watches that have really made their watches to have a name for themselves in the market. They are made for sports: be it any type of sports on land or in the sea. The typical style of Henry Jay Aquamaster series of watches have a large round steel case on a stainless steel bracelet watch along with a 23k gold plated center link.

The dial in the middle is always of an electric blue color, that stands out making the watch truly a great sports watch. The electric blue dial in the watch also makes it easy to read the time and the date as well- even when the lighting conditions are not so great. Since these Aquamaster series of watches are for sea adventurers as well, they are made to be water resistant.

All of the sports watches in these series are water proof and the users can easily wear them during the water adventures be it swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so on. These watches are able to stand through all the tough conditions of the users during sport and play. There are not many such great sports watches available in the market that are not just good looking and elegant but also provide great quality of style and design along with functionality. Moreover, another great factor that makes these Henry Jay watches stand out is that they are affordable and provide a great value for money. The Aquamaster series are no doubt great in quality, style and design, functions and exceptional features which have made them a popular name in household.

Below is the review of the two most popular Henry Jay Aquamaster series watches that are both for sports. The reviews are based on their functions, style and design, quality and their durability.


henry jay mens 23K gold plated

This is a great looking stainless steel watch for men that has a polished silver tone round case. It stands out in terms of its features and its exceptional quality that customers have learned to expect.

It is a luxurious two tone men’s watch from their Aquamaster series in a bracelet watch with a 23K gold plated center link. There is a blue dial for the watch in the middle, which makes it easy to read the time even in darkness. Moreover, it has a three hand function as well as a brilliant and clear display of date at the three o’ clock position. This ensures that the wearer is provided with a clear display of time and the dates.

The stainless steel bracelet provides elegance and class, while making the watch durable and long lasting. It is a professional diver’s watch that is also water resistant to 10 ATM 100 meters or 330 feet. For an overview of what this means, check out our guide on understanding ATM water levels for your watches.

It can be easily used for land or sea adventures without the fear of damaging it. The watch can also be worn on a daily basis as it made to withstand rough conditions, while at the same time providing elegance and class. Furthermore, the price of the watch is quite affordable, considering that it is quite an elegant design and has 23k gold plated design making a sports watch truly a classic design.

Pricing and Availability


  • Dial window material: Protective & scratch resistant mineral crystal
  • Fold over safety clasp
  • 23k gold-plated center
  • Quartz watch


  • It is a great looking and luxurious watch
  • Easy to use safety clasp
  • Economical price
  • It is long lasting and durable with a stainless steel construction


  • The construction of the watch is not very sturdy
  • Can look like a Rolex replica


Most of the customers who own this watch were quite satisfied with the performance of the watch and the appearance is no doubt very classy and elegant. Many of the users who own this watch use it for their underwater activities or swimming and the watch works perfectly fine. Majority of users own this watch for a long time and have praised its quality for being durable and long lasting. Some of the users commented on the watch not being very useful when it is in contact with water however, majority of the customers were happy and gave it a high star rating.


henry jay mens stainless steel multifunction

It is a great looking watch by Henry Jay with a lot of class and elegance. It is made of stainless steel material with polished silver tone round case. The quality and design of the watch speaks for itself and it is one of the most popular watches with customers for sportswear along with elegance.

The watch boosts of luxury and usefulness. The stainless steel bracelet makes the watch a practical and every day wear watch which the user can easily wear for all their adventures, be it on the sea or the land. There is a round, large center on the watch that has a blue dial which makes it easy to read the time even when the lighting is not so good, making it a highly practical watch.

The hands and the shape of the logo add more of a distinction to the watch and the dial is equipped with a scratch resistant and a protective crystal that makes it quite useful. Moreover with the watch being water resistant, it can be used for swimming or other water sports as well. This Henry Jay watch can also be worn on a daily basis since it is made rough and touch but also elegant and smart. It can easily withstand rough conditions since it is a sports watch but built to last.

Check Pricing and Availability


  • Water resistant to 10 ATM 100 Meters/330 Feet
  • Scratch resistant mineral material
  • Solid steel construction


  • It is a great looking design
  • It is a luxurious sports watch
  • Economical price
  • The prominent dial makes it easy to read the time
  • The watch is water resistant
  • Equipped with a calendar


Most of the people who use this watch have been pleased with the performance of this watch and have mentioned that they wear the watch on a daily basis and the quality has worked out great! Some of the users however, complained that the watch is not as water resistant as it claims and other complained about the band of the watch falling off. Overall, however, most of the users were satisfied with the performance and recommended it.


Personally, we love the Stainless Steel style. It has an understated yet elegant style that would work well with a professional ensemble or for a formal event like yachting. It helps that it has a good ATM rating. If you’re seeking the “bling bling” in your wardrobe, you could opt for the Henry Jay 23K Gold watch. It might work for some people, but we at Great Watches are a little turned off by the fact that it appears to be trying too hard to be a Rolex. But if you’re looking for a Rolex watch replica, then this watch would be for you.

Again, selecting a watch is a personal choice. Before making a selection, make sure to check out all our recommended minimalist designs by brand. You can’t go wrong with purchasing a Henry Jay watch.