Heritor Brand Review

In this brand review, I’ll take a look at automatic watches from Heritor. I knew very little about them, until a friend of mine bought a watch from them.


The Heritor brand of watches is part of the online retail inventory of Resultco the American fashion watch manufacturer, on its website you will find Heritor listed amongst 16other brands.

Resultco has a unique business model which they offer to retailers to enable them to do business with a guaranteed prospect of making a profit.

This works in the following ways the company will assist with a road map to achieve success and they will limit their distribution channels to enable Heritor watches to become a household brand for the retailer who becomes a part of their dealer base.

Their aim is to ensure a profit for the dealer, by amongst others being able to offer the customer a discount at purchase.

Why this is important to them, is because of the modern consumer’s attitude that they don’t want to buy any product at the retail price but at a discounted price. The retail price is determined based on the view that the dealer will give a discount when a product is bought.

They want the dealer to be able to promote the Heritor selection of watches based on the cost to which the consumer is sensitive about and the design of the particular watch.

The USA based Resultco is the pioneer in the field of using this business model in the watch industry and have successfully introduced their model in the USA. In the UK, there is virtually nobody that utilize the business model which opens the market to Resultco to implement their virtual inventory model.

Resultco believes that their model can enable the independent jewellers which normally carries a limited number of brands in their shops to be able to offer a larger selection of watches to choose from. With online retail through their websites, the far greater choice will, in theory, increase the possibility of a sale by a customer.

The increased listing of brands and more products will also increase the possibility of the website being the first one to be clicked on during a Google search. The online retail game strives to move a website’s Google rankings to the top of the pile.

The watch and jewelry business has lagged behind other sectors in adapting to the internet as an online marketing opportunity and view themselves still very much as a traditional brick and mortar type of business where the customer must come into and view their inventory physically and visually.

There are a couple of sectors which have adopted very well to the marketing of virtual inventory like the retailers’ hardware, toys and home goods. The hardware retail industry is currently one of the best in the market of retailing virtual inventories.

One of the key factors to determine success is to realize that brands which sell well in the traditional store might not have the same success in online selling.

Successful retailers in the jewelry and watch business treat their online sites and traditional stores the same as far as their competitors are concerned. They must compete against the opposition on price and must continue to promote the product even if they lose the sale to others based on the price.

If your pricing is not competitive the consumer will lose faith in you. The consumer can with a click of the mouse access price comparisons of various retailers and buy the product with ease online. There is less retailer/brand loyalty today and price linked to quality is important.


The Heritor brand has adopted the motto” From one generation to another” to describe their watches, this implies that it is built to be long-lasting and will become somewhat of a family piece.

Source: Heritor Watches

Although the company is not a 100 years old and can be regarded as a 21st century company they value principles involved in creating a legacy like tradition and family values. The timepieces that they create can be regarded as true international brands for various reasons.

The watches are designed in America replicating traditional designs housed in quality stainless steel casings of the highest surgical steel grade similar to what is used in Switzerland. The leather for the watch straps are sourced in Italy and the movement is also obtained in the international market.

The use of kinetic movement in the mainspring that powers the watch dates back to 1773,when it was first used in Switzerland. This same mechanism is used in the most prized watches available.

The use of quality materials and timeless designs make this watch a timepiece that can be handed down from one generation to the other.

The legacy of the Heritor watch as a family heirloom lies in the crafting of the watch which takes more than a lifetime to develop. The design of the watches goes back in history and replicates craftsmanship that are not readily available today. There are various designs based on different artistry that goes back in history and is embellished to reflect a certain design.

They pay attention to the finest detail. All Heritor watches have a two- year warranty that is limited to cover the mechanical parts of the watch. Before any assembly of the watch takes place the accuracy of the mechanism is tested. After they conclude the test and the mechanism is approved placement into the case happens. It is once again tested for quality purposes.

The Heritor watch is offered in 44 different collections with each up to between 5 and 7 different style options which enable the discerning customer to really find a timepiece which can become a legacy in every family with passing on from one generation to the other.

Heritor is a fashion brand made from quality materials sourced from different parts of the world styled in a classic design. The watches are made to be sold at a good price in a world where the consumer wants to buy at a discounted price.

Resultco has a business model for online marketing which makes it possible for traditional bricks and mortar stores to sell virtual inventory at a discount to customers and are guaranteed to make a profit.

Although the adaption of the jewelry and watch business are slow compared to others the business model will ensure that they achieve success once they have adapted to the concept. They are offered an opportunity to increase their profits by selling from their website’s inventory which they don’t have to pay for or provide physical space so they must just sell it. What an exciting opportunity to become involved in online retail from a website.


Heritor has many watch styles. They are all automatic watches, which are heavily discounted from their MSRP prices on their website. I’ll cover various Heritor models, but note that you can see more at their website or by searching on Amazon.


The Heritor Morrison watch is an automatic watch has a minimalist design with no numbers or Roman numerals to denote the hours or minutes. There are 8 different designs for the Morrison watch.

Here’s an overview of the Morrison watches:

Source: Heritor Watches

The main highlights of this watch:

  • 316L Surgical- Quality Stainless steel
  • Jeweled Japanese Automatic Movement
  • 22 Jewels for bearings
  • 40-hour power reserve when fully powered
  • 21,600 beats per hour
  • Sapphire Coated Mineral Crystal
  • Observation Case back to view movement
  • Leather Strap
  • Super Luminova hands
  • Super Luminova Hands Markers
  • Magnified Date Display
  • 43mm Diameter
  • 10 ATM water resistance


The Heritor Conrad watch is another automatic watch in the Heritor lineup. This one has a see-through face so you can see the watch movement. It has a “busy” look about it, and certainly is not as minimalist as the Morrison style.

Here’s a snapshot of the entire Conrad line:

Source: Heritor Watches

This particular design has six different styles. Five of these styles  have leather straps, and one particular design has a silver, metallic strap. This watch has similar features as the Morrison:

  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Jeweled Automatic Movement
  • 22 Jewels for the Jewel Bearings
  • 42 hour power reserve
  • Skeleton Dial
  • 5 out of 6 designs employ a crocodile-embossed strap
  • Logo-Engraved Stainless Steel clasp
  • Luminous Hands
  • Seconds Sub-dial
  • 42mm diameter
  • 5 ATM water resistance


heritor green watch

The Heritor Baron Style watch has a hexagonal face. This particular style has 4 different designs to choose from. I highlighted the one with the green face, as it appeared more unique than the others.

Here’s a preview of other Baron Watches:

Source: Heritor Watches

It employs a minimalist style, employing Roman Numerals for the hours and minute markers. The main features of the watch include:

  • Surgical Quality Stainless steel case
  • Automatic movement
  • 21 Jewel bearings
  • 42 hour power reserve
  • Sapphire coated mineral crystal
  • White-Turquoise Marble Dial
  • Enamel-Tipped Crown
  • Genuine Leather Crocodile-Embossed Steel Clasp
  • 40mm Case Diameter
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance


As you can see, the Heritor watches are very similar in features. They are all automatic. They all employ Surgical Quality stainless steel. Judging from their website, they close to 50 designs. They all have an MSRP of $1,000 or close to a thousand dollars per watch.

As mentioned previously, don’t be fooled by the MSRP price. Their business model is to offer the perception that these watches are heavily discounted. So they will list a high MSRP price, but sell these watches at a 40 to 50 percent “discount.”

After the discount, most of the Heritor watches will be around the $500-700 price range.

If you’re serious about investing in automatic watches, I suggest reading my full review on self-winding watches. There are various other options that are priced under $500 and come from more established brands. I suggest taking a look at those if you’re a first time buyer of automatic watches.

Automatic watches are definitely worth it. They are the pinnacle of watch making, as it takes quality craftsmanship to design and manufacture a watch that does not require batteries. There’s a reason why they’ve been around for over two centuries.

Watch collectors appreciate the craftsmanship and the design of a quality automatic watch. Furthermore, quality automatic watches tend to retain their value over time because they are highly sought after.

So is Heritor worth it?

I’ll be the first to admit that they are pricy for my taste. I do think an automatic watch deserves a spot in anyone’s wardrobe. In my opinion, Heritor is not the best option for any first time purchaser of automatic watches.

But then again, as they say, fashion is to the eye of the beholder. Heritor has over 40+ designs. Check them out and if one catches your eye, then go for it!