How to Dress If You’re Petite

I’m not a petite lady or even a petite guy but my wife is (a petite lady).

Together we came up with some fashion tips for you beautiful petite gals.

Dress in a single color when possible. It creates a sort of continuity, slims and lengthens. My wife dresses in a lot of all black ensembles which goes well with her blonde hair.

Remember dark colors trim and slim which equates to a sense of added height.

Wear fitted skirts. Bulky clothing doesn’t flatter petite women. If you wear short skirts make sure they’re petite sizes. Regular sized minis aren’t minis on most petite ladies.

Waist length jackets are best for petite women. Waist jackets add an illusion of height. If you wear a long coat make certain it’s slim and fitted. Be certain it doesn’t drag the floor of course.

No wide leg or baggy pants please. Again, baggy and bulky are no-no for petites. You want length not width.

Don’t wear wide accessories such as belts, ties, etc. You want slim accessories to go with your petite body. They should also be the same color as your clothing so as not to divide top from bottom. That takes away from height.

For watches, think minimalist.

No giant purses. You don’t want to appear to be dragging around a suitcase. Your handbook should be proportionate to your size.

Wear V shaped clothing because it nicely frames a petite body and gives an illusion of height.

Wear High Heels; not cloggy looking shoes. High heels of course heighten while clumsy cloggy shoes shorten and weigh down.

Wear vertical patterned clothing for the same reason to wear v-shaped neckline tops. What’s up and down? Height of course.

Wear short shorts to “lengthen” your legs. No Bermuda style shorts please-No Capri (my wife likes them but I loathe them)

Few women like they way they look most of the time. Don’t be discouraged. Exercise, eat healthy, and dress according to your body type. I like petite women, uh, petite woman-my wife.

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