How To Replace Your Watch Battery

No matter your watch type, there will come a time when your watch battery needs changing. You can leave the task up to a professional if you don’t fancy changing it yourself but really you should especially if you’re not too keen on spending money.

Consequently, here’s a brief guide on how to change your specific watch battery:

First things first before replacing your watch battery

It be might prudent to undo the strap or band which can easily get in the way. So as to determine which method you’ll use of the four below you’ll need to identify which category your particular watch falls into there being swatches, screw off backs, snap offs and screwed back varieties.

Here are a few quick tips to help you figure that out:

• Swatches are easily identifiable for their piggy bank-esque slot somewhere on the backside that’s sufficiently large to fit a coin’s edge.

• Snap offs have a slightly smaller indentation than the former which appears as somewhat of a small cut on an otherwise smooth back.

• A screwed back will have screws on the backside usually four in total.

• Notches around the circumference of the backside point to a screw off.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s straight away get back on track:

Snap Back Watch

To open this watch you’ll need to feel for the slight indentation on the side of the watch after you’ve flipped it on its belly. More specifically you’ll find this “small hole” in the little stretch separating the watch itself and the watch back and it’s intentionally designed to help you pry open the back. If the indentation proves hard to find a magnifying glass can come in handy.

Find something sharp and small like a tiny blade that fits perfectly into the indentation then give the edge of the tool a gentle push down to release the casing in lever-like fashion. Once it’s loose, carefully hold the casing by the fingertips and lift the lid off slowly. All that’s left to do now is switch out your old battery for a new one. Now put the casing back in while aligning the indentation to match the dials on the side then press down on it until it snaps into position.

A Screwed Watch

If you have a watch with a back hold firm by screws, you’ll need to find a tiny eyeglass screwdriver to twist them open. It’s recommended that you follow a diagonal sequence whilst closing or opening the back so as to distribute pressure evenly. Have a nice bag or container at the ready to place the tiny screws which can easily get lost.

Once you unscrew all four screws, you can tip the back open with a tiny blade before lifting the plate away with your fingers. The watch’s internals including the battery will become visible at which point you can go ahead and change the battery. Press the watch back in gently after you do until it’s firmly in position after which turn the screws to seal it shut.

Swatch Watch

Much like the snap back watch, the swatch watch also has provisions on its back for opening it. The indentation comes in the form of a slot which you can fit in the edge a small coin such as a dime. Turn the coin in an anti-clockwise manner to open and in the opposite direction to close it.

Only once you’ve turned the slot along the entirety of its circumference will you be able to take off the backside. At which point you can now put in your new battery in exchange of the exhausted one then place the cover and slot back in then twist to close.

Screw off watch

You’ll need to get a sticky adhesive for removing the back of this watch with glue or thumbtacks particularly effective at getting the job done. You may also opt for a grip-ball which is specifically designed for this purpose.

Once the tack is nice and soft after kneading, press it firmly against the backside and give it a moment to get strongly stuck in before turning the tack, hence the back plate, in a counterclockwise direction to unscrew the backside. Leave the tack just as is and after you’ve changed the battery press it back in and turn in the opposite direction until the glue comes off on its own and the back seals shut.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to replace a wristwatch battery: