MVMT White Face

MVMT L2131B131 White Face

MVMT, a well-known watch brand possess an affordable but superior range of watches. The stylish, contemporary, easy to use and minimalist MVMT watches add to your style quotient.

MVMT white face watch is specially designed for trend setters. The silver colored dial combined with stainless steel construction can make anyone go crazy about its looks. The first look of this watch is attractive and pursues a designer look.

MVMT white face watch is loaded with a ton of premium features.

  • Looks: The watch keeps the trend of bigger dials. The 45 mm case diameter has minimalism flair. The semi-polished silver finish dial is perfectly complimented with stainless steel metallic strap. This metallic strap can be perfectly carried out with both casual and formal attires. The minimalist look of the watch goes pretty well with professional settings as well.
  • Durability: MVMT watches are crafted with some durable material like stainless steel or polymer plastic. A perfect gadget for sports geek, a watch of this brand is manufactured from the highest quality material that is quite durable. The toughness of these watches can be recognized from the fact that its glass and lens is totally scratch free.
  • Water Resistance: The outer case of the watch is water-resistant and safeguards the dial from any damage caused by water. The mineral glass face of this watch has water resistant capacity of up to 3 ATM. The stainless steel case of MVMT White Face watch provides protection from rainfall and even allows you to dive into water without any worries.
  • Accuracy of time: You must be aware of the fact that time starts to lag by few seconds in cheaper quartz wrist watches. You have to adjust time fortnightly in such watches. It sounds weird when a time piece does not give accurate time. Out of all three configurations: mechanical, quartz and digital, MVMT works on the best ever watch technology. Due to this technology, these watches are shock and heat proof.
  • Time Zone settings: One of the best features of this watch, you can change the time zone in this watch. Suppose you are living in Europe and shifting to US soon, you can set and read the timings of different time zones easily. The watch is best suited to the travelers who need to call their friends and family throughout the world.
  • Light: This analog watch is illuminated by a soft light in the dark. This soft light is a vital feature at darker places. You can turn it on whenever you need.
  • Warranty: MVMT white face watch is loaded with a 2-years warranty. It is available on online portals only.

The next feature of this wrist watch was the only reason behind the invention of this brand. MVMT offers watches at a price less than a half of the competitor’s price. That means you can buy a superior featured watch of MVMT at around half price of other established brands.

The brand was launched to cut the inflation rate in retail mark up to popularize the passion of watches. Since then, MVMT watches have set a unique trend.