MVMT Silver Mesh Womens

MVMT boulevard silver women watch

We often spend a lot of money running behind the fame of a brand. We look for premium features in various bigger brands. It may surprise us but same premium features are available in MVMT Silver mesh women’s watch. The best part is that the wonderful looks and premium features are available in a very economic range. One of the most popular model of MVMT watches among women, this silver mesh watch has killer looks. Due to its beautiful looks, it has become the best-selling model of MVMT watches. The product is not physically available on any store but the image provides on e-commerce sites is exactly the same as product.

Here is a brief description of the features of MVMT silver mesh watch.

  • Looks: The sturdy and smooth looks of the watch can attract you at the very first glance. Its white silver color of the case soothes your eyes and the silver finish of the metallic strap adds to the glamour. Diameter of the case is 38 mm which is perfect for a women’s wrist watch. It gives you a stylish look and you can accessories it with any kind of dress you are wearing. MVMT silver mesh watch is a perfect accessory to carry on formal and casual events. Overall, the first look of the watch is enough to impress any women. This classic and stylish watch will take from day to night with ease.
  • Durability: Both the case and strap of the watch are made up of stainless steel. The case is made up of plated stainless steel which gives it toughness. The metallic silver strap adds to the style quotient, makes it rust proof and increases the life of the watch. Also, the stainless steel strap makes the watch safe to wear during outdoor activities or sports. The silver color of the watch is long-lasting. It is much comfortable to wear.
  • Water Resistance: This beautiful watch fits almost every scene of your life but not the water scenes. Water-resistance feature is not available with this watch. If you are water sports fan, ditch the watch during that time interval. MVMT silver mesh watch may tolerate a few drops of water but not more than that.
  • Accuracy of time: Being a part of MVMT brand, the time accuracy of this watch is assured. You will never lag behind by seconds even. The watch do not display calendar but it works with equal accuracy in different time zones.
  • Working: The working of this MVMT silver mesh watch is based up on quartz technology. Miyota quartz provides the hand movement of the watch. This is the most ideal technology till date.
  • Warranty: MVMT silver technology is pre-loaded with 2-years warranty.
  • Cost effective: You can never get such a beautiful watch loaded with so many features in any brand. No brand offers premium products at a pocket friendly price.

So grab this product from any web portal without wasting any more time. MVMT silver mesh watch can be a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or sister.