MVMT Signature Gold Finish

MVMT MF01-GBR Signature Gold Finish

Some people always find leather strap watches better than metallic strap watches. Leather straps are more comfortable to wear and you do not have to use them occasionally. Either it is a night out with friends or a date with your girlfriend, leather strap watches perfectly sync with every occasion.

Metallic watches can be heavier and that is why the light weight leather watches attract more. One of the best selling products of MVMT, this watch will never let you bore with its features and looks.

In terms of price and quality, MVMT signature gold fish watch is a balanced product. A value for money product strikes a perfect balance between its price and value. You will prefer wearing this watch over wearing a gadget.

Read on the MVMT signature gold fish watch’s review to know about its features:

  • Looks: The perfect dark brown colored leather of this watch is made up from pig skin. This brown color goes perfectly well with the golden case of the watch. The color combination of the strap and the case goes well with many shades of suits. It will match well with the long range of your wardrobe. One of the simplest watches of the MVMT range, signature gold finish watch is so clean. There are no numbers in the case. The 38 mm diameter dial of the watch is best suited for a women’s hand. Width of the band is 18m which is quite comfortable to wear. The dial of the watch is light colored and is a bit lit up for your convenience at darker times.
  • Durability: The dial of this watch is made up of stainless steel material. The leather used in crafting strap is of very good quality and it does not deteriorate with time. The buckle used with the leather strap is clasp type and makes its wear ability easier. It also increases and improves the life of the leather. This buckle helps in easy adjustment as well.
  • Water resistance: One of the best water resistant models around, MVMT signature golden fish has no bad effect of water on it. You can comfortably go 30 feet deep in water while wearing it. Water cannot cause any kind of damage to it. So enjoy your water sports, pool parties or whatever you like without any fear.
  • Accuracy of time: MVMT signature gold fish watch is a perfect time piece. You can rely on it in every aspect. MVMT watches never lag by seconds even.
  • Working: Working of MVMT signature gold fish watch is based upon quartz system. This Japanese system keeps the purpose of the watch intact. The watch also shows date and has a special small window for it. The dial has 3 olden colored dial hands.
  • Warranty: Loaded with 2 years of manufacturer warranty, buying this watch will be one of the wisest decisions of your life.
  • Cost-effective: Any price will be lass for such a pretty time piece. But you will be glad to know that this watch is available at an easily bearable price.