MVMT Signature Gold/Black leather Women’s Watch

MVMT Signature Gold Black Leather Womens

perfectly minimalist watch that matches your every look is all a girl can ask for. MVMT signature leather watch is a neat watch that comes with nicely integrated seems. The watch gives you a professionally smart and sensible look and this makes this watch a right choice for you. It can be first choice for those who love purely metallic watches. The contemporary clean and stylish look of this watch makes it perfect for every occasion.

This watch will become the love of your life when you will know about the features of this watch. Read on to more about it.

  • Looks: The metallic dial and case and the black or golden leather strap of this watch compliments each other perfectly. The white dial face outlined by golden case gives it an elegant look. This classic watch is an essential product for your collection. Probably it is the only watch that will perfectly suit your every look and will compliment your each attire. The solid gold finish look goes pretty well with your professional office look and casual chic look. You can even combine the watch with your evening party look. These watches have become trendy with their style minimalism. The dark colored straps hold the light faced dial perfectly in between. It gives the watch a graceful appeal.
  • Durability: The stainless steel case of this watch is designed with solid gold-plated outline. This gold-plated outline adds to the style quotient as well as life of the watch. The black genuine leather strap does not deteriorate or damage with time. These minimalist styles watches are crafted with refined attention to every minute detail. The quality construction of these watches assures their durability. The sturdy leather strap off the watch has solid buckles that assure a secure fit in your hand. The original soft and supple texture of the leather and its beautiful sheen defines the fine quality of the leather.
  • Water Resistance: The watch is not purely water resistant. A few drops of water here and there would not harm but it cannot handle a full splash of water. Never wear this watch whilst in rain or while swimming or diving. Water may cause a great harm to this watch.
  • Accuracy of Time: Being a MVMT product, the accuracy of timing is assured with this product. MVMT signature leather watch always gives you precise time. The quartz technology of the watch assures that it never lags behind by time not even by a single second. The 3 hand quartz movements are also gold-plated. This classic designed watch includes a date display and an organizer. The organizer helps women to fix up their regular schedules.
  • Warranty: MVMT signature leather watch is loaded with a 2-year products warranty. One needs to change the battery of the MVMT watches along with the time and get it services after every three years.
  • Cost-effective: It can be defined is a simple way. This watch is a great product and its cost is nothing as compared to its superior features. MVMT assures you the A grade quality in minimum price.