MVMT Sunglasses Review

This MVMT sunglasses review looks at various eyewear that would pair well with your stylish MVMT watch.

A pair of sunglasses is definitely an important element of smart dressing. It is also very essential for protecting your eyes from sunlight, UV rays and wind.

Picking up the perfect sunglasses that pecks up your appearance while giving the eye protection that you need, is rather a difficult task.

You might be wondering: is it so?

It is!

There are frames and then there are lens types and colors and on top of it -your face structure. All these things when considered carefully and evaluated according to your pocket, will help you in finding that perfect pair of sunglasses.



mvmt hyde sunglasses review

This is one of the best sunglasses by MVMT in a retro round shape that is perfect for oval or square faces. It comes in 5 different colors and matching frame colors that define and underscore the word Style. It provides 100% UV protection making it a great companion in any terrain, season or place. It matches the modern dressing style and gives you the peppiest look possible.

MVMT has complemented these great looking sunglasses with high quality CR-39 lens that is resistant to any kind of scratches or rough and tough usage. Its durability can be fully assured since its frame is made from the superior Akulon-coated material. The screws are German made to give a perfect fit and comfort at the same time.

The best reason to go for this smart pair of sunglasses is that it is custom handmade using cellulose acetate and steel. So, no question asked about its sturdiness and strength. It is a balanced and smart looking pair of sunglasses.

It is a rightly priced eye wear that is highly protective and flexible. It looks stylish and actually appears to be a high end accessory to go with any outfit. It is the best protection whether you are at the beach or in woods enjoying a relaxed camping weekend. The lens quality is quite good and it is easy to clean with a single wipe of a glass cleaning fabric.

The lightweight construction makes it convenient to wear for longer durations. You will definitely want more pairs of Hyde shades due to an affordable price and style quotient. If you want to earn compliments on your looks, get this awesome pair of shades.


mvmt outlaw sunglasses

The next awesome eye wear for men from MVMT is Outlaw. It lives up to its unusual name and gives you the looks to stand out from the crowd. Outlaw is a sleek and smart pair of sunglasses for men who love the tough and rugged smart look. This retro rectangle frame sunglasses are available in three amazing colors- dark blue, silver and grey.

Like Hyde, this one is also custom handmade with cellulose acetate and steel so you are guaranteed to own a sturdy pair of sunglasses worth your money. A typical and superb feature of MVMT sunglasses and of this pair is that it is made from Akulon-coated material and German made screws to give the best sunglasses in this range and style.

The cellulose acetate frame is very supportive to wear the sunglasses for long durations. It is resistant to any skin reaction or irritation. The steel frame is strong and able to handle any kind of rough usage typical to the adventurers and travelers.

This polarized pair of sunglasses is a great protection against strong sunlight at any place or time. It is shipped to you in a handy and easy to carry glass case that keeps the lens safe from any wear and tear while not in use. It matches any place or setting. Whether you are attending a beach party, driving with your buddies or in the woods for a game hunting trip, this pair of sunglasses can never be out of place. All of you, who wish to combine style with comfort, get a pair of Outlaw sunglasses.


mvmt reveler eyewear

The MVMT Reveler Sunglasses uses the classic rectangle shape. It sports a stylish brown color and looks more like something a tiger would wear. This eyewear would work well in the summer, when you’re wearing lighter colors, like tan, white or olive green.

Like all the other MVMT sunglasses, it provides 100% UV protection.

The material is custom made cellulose acetate and stainless steel.

The frame itself is Akulon-coated German screws for proper tension and durability.



mvmt hyde for womens

A good pair of sunglasses is the best accessory for a woman to flaunt her beauty when outdoors. A suave and smart eye wear like Hyde is the perfect accessory for the women of today who hate to compromise on style and comfort. Hyde is perfectly chic for the modern women whose style is her statement to the world around her and beyond.

The Hyde Retro round sunglasses are a classic piece of sleekness and elegance that is perfect for any occasion for women with oval and heart shaped face. Whether going for an all-girls-gang weekend vacation, shopping, hiking or spending a perfect day with a special someone, you can protect your eyes from the strain of travelling and sunlight as long as you want to enjoy the company.

Hyde is another name for comfort and convenience. The price tag attached to these superb sunglasses is so affordable that you will be tempted to get more than one Hyde to match different attires and moods.

You get 5 amazing colors and frame styles to choose from. The styles range from black to whiskey tortoise. Each one of these 5 stylish sunglasses makes the choice even harder and you will find it so difficult to leave one over the other one.

Once you own this pair of sunglasses from MVMT you will never think about another brand. You will hardly find any other brand as comfortable and protective as the Hyde by MVMT.


mvmt womens sunglass muse

We have selected Muse by MVMT as our second best sunglasses for women. This is an awesome looking pair of eye wear in round cat eye shape that suits the oval or long faces pretty nicely. The Muse sunglasses are available in 3 styles. These are matte oak tortoise frame with green lenses, pure black frame with bondi blue lenses and mauve tortoise frame with grey lenses. Each combination is outstanding in itself.

The finish of these sunglasses is smooth and clean at the same time it is very convenient to wear. You will not feel any strain on eyes or ears even if you have to wear it throughout the day. It is a perfect match for any kind of dress you chose to wear any day. It looks good with causal tees and jeans as well with a skater dress or a floral dress for a relaxed day.

The 100% UV protection is the highlight of this eyewear that keeps your eyes safe in any kind of light ranging from sparking sun kissed beach light to shifting light while driving. The Muse shades are perfect for handling bright light as well as dim environments equally well.

Its cat’s eye shape enhances your facial features and its cellulose acetate frame material is easy on your gentle facial skin. It’s perfectly balanced nose bridge relieves you from all kinds of discomfort. Buy this smart looking easy to wear sunglasses to venture into the world and make your days brighter and impressive.


Frames are to sunglasses what clasps are to watches. It’s a matter of style and functionality so make sure to choose the right one for you as you shop for MVMT eyewear.

Let’s see what frame shapes we have in sun protection eyewear

  1. Square– square frames are popular among people with small and round faces. The square shaped frame gives an angular look to the wearer.
  2. Cat eye– Some people call them butterfly as well since they look a bit bigger in size and wider at temples. It is a good shape for people having well rounded features.
  3. Aviator– stylish looking aviators are best in light colors and delicate looking metallic frames. The lens comes in a stylish teardrop shape.
  4. Oversized– These were the fashion statement in the early sixties and seventies and have been so since then. This style of frames is characterized by large round or square shapes with single or double shaded glasses. They definitely add classiness to well built faces.
  5. Round– the round frame is from small to oversized size. A round frame shape is ideal to soften an angular face and adding gentleness in appearance.
  6. Shield– as the name suggests, these are a good option if you are looking for a protective eye gear. Actually, it is constructed with one large lens. The single lens offers maximum protection to eyes by covering continuously from temple to temple.
  7. Wayfarer– a classical shape among sunglasses frames, these look good on almost all face shapes due to the balanced appearance. This frame is not available in metallic material but in usually lightweight acrylic material that adds width to the frame.
  8. Oval– This one is similar to round but is broader due to wider middle section.
  9. Wrap Around– Mostly worn by sports people to protect eyes against injury, wind or dust, because of the shape that covers eyes and temples of the face. They are extremely lightweight since they usually come without a
  10. Rectangle– a smart looking shape with a wider frame and lesser height. The edges are characterized by soft appearance and the angles can be sharp or smooth.

Now about the face shapes. We have the following:


Narrow at jaw line and forehead but broader in the middle, near the ear line. The oval faces are generally characterized by a balanced and curvy face. They are the perfect faces to look on and are the prettiest of all face shapes. If you are oval faced then it’s your own choice of the frame since every shape looks good on an oval face.

The only thing to take care about is that don’t go for an oversized frame since it will obscure your face and give you a misfit look. The best one to go for is a wrap around, cat eye and an aviator. Other shapes are also good for an oval face.


Broad at the jaw line as well as forehead. A square face looks broader and thus is best for any pair of shades that cuts on the typical angular look of this strong face. If you are naturally a square faced person then choose the Round, Cat Eye or the Wayfarer shape among sunglasses.

These shapes soften the facial angles and make you look appealing in these shades. Color can be to your own liking. If you are more of a business person, go for browns and blacks. But if you are going to wear these sunglasses on a fun day then choose any of the funky colors.


A balanced face that looks soft and curvy. The curvy round faces are the cute ones. The cuteness has to be complemented with right sunglasses to give a perfect appearance to the wearer. Since the round face lacks the angular cuts, you can always add the angles by choosing sunglasses with edges and angles.

You need the eyewear to add length to your face so that you look less plump with the visible lengthening of your face. You can achieve sleeker looks with sunglasses that are rectangular or square frame shape. The wrap around and shield frames are the other options that help in cutting the curves from a chubby face.


Narrow at the jaw line as well as forehead. The long faces are bestowed with few angles and edges that are perfect for large frame sunglasses. You can choose from regular or oversized wayfarer frames. Another great trick for the long faced people is to use rectangular thick frames to reduce the length of the face.

This is a good way to make a face look rounder. The basic idea lies in softening the sharp looking face. Don’t go for round frames but choose from wrap, shield, square, wayfarer and rectangle frame styles to make a style statement that underscores your dressing style. Never ever think about wearing sunglasses with tiny frames. You will look really funny.


Narrow at the chin and wider at the forehead. Such faces are triangular with the tip pointing towards the rest of the body and base towards the head. Since these people have wider forehead and temple area they need sunglasses that make their lower face look broader. They must choose shades with wider bottom edges.

If they choose sunglasses with straight edges towards the top of the frames they will look long faced and tapering chins. You can select from the cat eye, shield, wraparound, and aviator frames. If you are ready to experiment any of these sunglasses without frame rim will do wonders to your appearance by giving you a chic and suave look.


Although more renowned for their fancy watch collection, they have come out with some nice sunglasses to pair with their timepieces. Fashion is all about the right components to make you look good. We hope this MVMT Sunglasses Review has aided in your purchasing decision. Buy yours today!