MVMT White Tan Leather Watch

This White Tan Leather MVMT watch review takes a look at one of the brand’s most popular designs.


The MVMT campaign may only have started recently since 2013. However, there has been a meteoric rise in their popularity ever since.

Currently, they have a very high demand in the market and have definitely made it to the wish list of more people. They have been highly successful in establishing themselves as a brand, mainly owing to their commitment to affordability, design, and quality all at the same time. The MVMT watches are available in the range in the range of $95 to $135 and the pricing depends on what model you choose to buy.

The brand sells great watches at a very affordable price and makes very efficient and timely shipping. The shipping is free for any purchase of more than $50. Furthermore, after you make a purchase, you can track the status of the watch during every point of the delivery period. This makes it convenient for people from all over the world to buy the MVMT watches with great ease.

They also have very efficient packaging and make sure the products reach the customers in a brand new state. MVMT basically has three categories for men, the 40 SeriesClassic and Chrono. This article discusses the MVMT white tan leather.

Features of the White Tan MVMT Wristwatch


  • Designed with great attention to the minutest detail
  • Has a classic element to it
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great customer service


  • The strap catches dirt very quickly
  • Many may find the dial bigger than expected

The White Tan Leather Tan MVMT Watch has been designed with great attention to detail. This applies to everything right from the packaging to the printing to the instruction leaflet and even the fine printing at the back of the wrist strap.

This is an impeccable watch in every way.

A look at the MVMT white tan leather while easily let you know that the core design of the watch has been borrowed from other watches already selling in the market.

However, the brand has also put in some of its own ideas into the designing. The result is a completely unique watch both in terms of style as well as performance. The watch is equipped enough to satisfy the taste of all those fashion-tech savvy buyers.

The designers have paid attention to the minutest detail. The logo has been carefully designed and placed on the crown of the watch. The face measures 45 mm in diameter which makes it quite large. It has a clean milky white background dotted with only the crown, hour markings and a small window for the date.

There are no elaborately printed numbers but tiny metallic bars for the hour markings. This gives the watch a very neat look. This design can be very appetizing for people who rather prefer to have a clean as against a cluttered face on their watch. It also makes the time easily visible in a single brisk glimpse.

The rim of the watch is made of brushed stainless steel and is pristine, without any markings. It measures about 9 mm in thickness and has a tiny rotary knob at the side for making adjustments to the time. The bands are very wide, measuring 24mm and made of soft suede leather.

The width, as well as the texture of the leather strap, makes the watch very comfortable to wear at all times. It can also be ideal for anyone who gets rashes from metal straps. As can be seen, this is not a tiny watch. The large round dial, metal rims and the broad straps, all exude of manliness. The large size makes it perfect for the wrists of men. It is also very minimal and classy in terms of appearance which makes it match well with all the different types of outfit.

Apart from being comfortable, the watch also has many other virtues. It is very lightweight and hence, the straps can easily take the weight of the dial for quite a long period of time. In fact, you may never even have to change the strap at all. Although the leather is of high quality, it is quite thin and you may want to be a little more careful especially while removing or wearing the watch.

It is also best to have them properly adjusted for the size of your wrist so that it does not get popped out of stress. However, you can always buy replacements if that happens.

Another thing that really catches attention is the light color of the strap. It is a very soft blend of White/Tan leather. The combination of a spotless white face and the white/tan leather it is possible to wear the watch with multiple attires. It fits well into the wardrobe of almost all men.

You can wear it to office as well as to a night out. This versatility gives a timeless touch to the watch. You can wear it all through the year and in all the different seasons.

This is water resistant watch with hardened mineral crystal glass. It has a 3 ATM water resistance which means that it will easily withstand a light and brisk drizzle or an accidental splash once in a while. However, the water resistance feature will not stay effective in a fully submerged condition. For example, if you walk in a shower wearing the watch, it will probably stop functioning by the time you reach home.


The MVMT white tan leather comes at a price of $95, which is 65 pounds for UK customers. Also, the delivery is free to the UK customers. Although you can easily find other pieces at a comparable price, this one is rather a unique piece, highly fashionable and timeless. It is the true essence of luxury and style. This guide has been intended to be fully informative.

With the entire core features listed out, this White Tan Leather MVMT Watch Review should help you decide on your purchase.