Original Grain Watch Review

In this 2018 Original Grain Watch review, we take a look at a very unique and special watch. It’s definitely something to consider, if you’re in the hunt for a minimalist styled timepiece. Just like Vincero, Original Grain is an upstart watchmaker that developed a strong social media following.

The Original Grain (OG) Watch Company is popularly known as the premium maker of wood and steel watches. This is a very bold state about any product but it holds true for original grain watches.

You can find a lot of other wood watch brands in the market but Original Grain is probably the only one that solely focuses on the ideal integration of wood and metal.

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Original Grain was founded by Ryan Beltran in 2013. Till the day it was invented, Original Grain never stopped producing solid and reliable watches. In a world of horology, watches are made of metal or with leather, yet Original Grain has been able to carve itself a unique niche – watches made of metal and wood.


Started in 2013, the brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran set out to do something that no other watch company has done before. They set out to manufacture, market and sell the very first watches that integrated natural hardwood and steel.

Original Grain is not just a brand or a watch collection. It is the emulation of a lifestyle. Just like its unique design, Original Grain creates unique personalities. Individuals that wear Original Grain stand out from the rest: the leaders, the trendsetters and the downright bosses.


Original Grain watches are created from a good variety of exotic hardwoods including rosewoods, maple woods, ebony, Vera wood, Mahogany, Sapele wood, Zebra wood, Burl wood, American Oak and Whiskey barrel. All kinds of wood used in Original Grain watches are FSC certified provided all the wood is naturally sourced and treated.

As we know, wood changes its color over time to time when exposed to air, sunlight and water. That is why no two watches made from this wood will ever be same, making its truly original.


Original grain watches use 316L stainless steel. The company does not treat their watches with potential allergic sprays. People who are allergic to nickel, steel, polyurethane or wood should keep away from these watches.


The watches are tagged as “splash proof” that means a minimum exposure to water will have no problem in keeping your watch fresh. Full submersion in water will damage it. The company does not offer any water damage warranty. This is the only drawback when you consider buying Original Grain watches.

Company has launched two fully “waterproof” watches which are coated with epoxy coating. The coating has the ability to protect the wood and offers water resistance of 10 ATM.


  • Bezel material: The bezel of the Original Grain watches is made up from 100% all-natural wood.
  • Case material: The case of the Original Grain watches is made from stainless steel.
  • Case diameter: 52 mm.
  • Face diameter: 43 mm.
  • Case thickness: 11 mm.
  • Band material: The inlay of the watch is all wood and it is integrated with a bit of stainless steel to enhance the features and looks.
  • Band length: 24 mm wide band with 230 mm long adjustable links.


Based on popular inquiries at our NYC store, we’ve collated quick reviews on these popular styles:


original grain watch review

The Original Grain wood wrist watch is an imported piece from the premier collection of natural wood and steel watches. The design of this ultimate piece is forged of wood and steel and opens up a fresh approach to classical traditions.

The barrel collection 47 mm analog watch is the statement piece of case height 12 mm. True to its design Barrel’s 47 mm face and inlaid case embodies the same bold characteristics.

The watch uses rosewood. This is an exotic hardwood that originates from Central and Eastern Africa. The wood for the watches comes from the reliable sources. The premium quality of wood ensures that the watches can be worn on the daily basis and does not degrade or become brittle over time.

Original Grain Watches is an eco-friendly brand. Though it uses wood from the trees, the company ensures to plant 10 trees for every watch sold. This is how it does not let the balance of the nature disturb.

Read on to know more about the features of the watch:

Looks: The beautiful looking watch includes a 4 mm wood bezel inlay that surrounds the dial. The wooden bezel adds to the beauty and good looks of the watch. The stainless steel silver tone dial of the watch is round in shape. Its diameter is 47 mm and the thickness of the case is 12 mm. The face of the watch is protected from anti-scratch mineral glass. The black leather band of the watch is 23mm wide. It provides closure with the help of stainless steel clasp. This black leather strap assures that the one size fits all.

The wood is pretty and the designing of the watch is unique. Its price is too good for such a wonderful craftsmanship.  A date box is also displayed on the egg-white dial of the watch which helps you in keeping your schedule arranged. The bold characteristics on the dial represent the boldness and the authenticity of the wood.

Movement: The beautiful watch is equipped with Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz which is of premium quality. Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz when combined with analog movement provides you with the most precise time.

Water resistance: Perfectly suited for everyday, the watch is a good choice for both casual and formal settings. The casing of the watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM. However, one should notice that these watches are built with wood and should not be submerged in water for longer intervals. The outer stainless steel casing of the watch does not let water seep inside the watch and damage it.

Warranty: This men’s watch is loaded with 1 year warranty. It includes a silver oxide battery that keeps it running for longer intervals of time.


ebony wood and gold review

Original grain minimalist ebony wood and gold holds the title of being the world’s thinnest wooden bezel. Ebony wood and gold watch features a timeless silhouette with a case height of 6 mm. A perfect watch for any occasion, ebony wood and gold is a truly authentic and original product.

This ultra minimalist Original Grain product is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. These watches feature ultra sleek structure and are designed with traditional wood working technique. This technique ensures that no two products are same.

Ebony wood and gold watch is created from original ebony imported from Indonesia. Characteristically, ebony wood is hard and heavy as stone. The usage of ebony in these watches makes them naturally durable and long lasting. The premium ebony wood from Indonesia does not degrade or becomes brittle over time.

Original Grain is a trustable brand and does not use disturb the balance of nature at any cost. The company plants 10 trees for each watch that is sold. This is how Original Grain changes the lives around without disturbing the nature.

Read further to know more about the Original Grain ebony wood and gold:

Looks: The bezel of the Original Grain ebony wood and gold watch features a 1.77 mm wood bezel inlay that surrounds the dial. The round shape dial of the watch is made from 316 L stainless steel. The diameter of the case is 40 mm and its thickness is 6 mm. The characters are represented by golden marks displayed on the egg-shell white dial of the watch. The golden batons add grace to the beautiful look of the watch.

Watch face is covered from mineral crystal glass that is totally scratch proof. The scratch resistant property of this glass keeps your watch shining always.

An ideal accessory for formal, casual or party looks, the watch simply adds to your style quotient.

The black leather band of the watch is 24 mm wide. The adjustable one-size fits all feature of the black leather band is held with a stainless steel buckle clasp. The fit of the buckle keeps comfortable to wear.

The second hand of the watch is another special added feature of Original Grain.

Movement: The watch is equipped with the premium Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement. The watch uses this Japanese Quartz Movement with analog watch and gives you the most accurate time.

Water resistance: The water resistance casing of the bezel protects it from the splashes of water. It is water resistant up to the depth of 50 meters. If you own this watch, it is important to realize that wood can withstand a few splashes of water but it should not be submerged in water for longer intervals. Water can damage the inner working of the watches.

Warranty: The ultra sleek watch is supported with one-year warranty that assures you about the longer life of the watch. These watches are perfectly suited for daily wearing basis.


original grain koa watch

Known as black and matte wood and stainless steel watch band, this 43 mm analog watch is one among the classic collection. The steel forged among the natural wood is a wonderful example of excellent craftsmanship. It is a fresh approach to relive and reinvent the traditional wooden workmanship. Original Grain has maintained the highest standard of craftsmanship, authenticity and quality. The originality of the silhouette and a perfect mixture of hardwood and steel make this watch a timeless element.

The usage of traditional workmanship in the crafting of classic 43 mm analog watch makes this timeless element unique. No two original pieces of the original grain are same.

This stylish timepiece is a perfect combination of the most accurate technology with the beauty of live natural wood.

Original grain brand is inspired by original American whiskey barrels and is made from natural American sandalwood. The exotic looks of this watch have established it as a style statement.

Original Grain wood build with sandalwood and high quality components brings style in your hands at an affordable price.

Have a look to know about more features of the watch:

Looks: Original Grain hardwood and steel combo watch simply adds to your personality. Its round 43 mm diameter looks like a pro. The case thickness is 11 mm and the case is made up of natural wood. The authenticity and originality of the watch makes it a timeless beauty.

The stainless steel band of the watch is good according to a man’s hand. The 23 mm wide metal band fits well into most standard sizes of the wrist. It is held together or closed with the help of fold over clasp with double push button safety so that it never loses its grip and there is no chance of losing it. The color of the dial is brown and the band is black.

The sleek shape and natural shade of the watch gives it s sophisticated look. Its painted black colored stainless steel wrist band adds durability to the watch. It also protects the watch from rust and water damage. The face of the watch displays current date that may assist you in scheduling your tasks.

The watch face is covered with a 43 mm mineral glass which is scratch proof and highly resistant. The hardened mineral glass allows you to use it every day without any risk. Adorned with wooden inlays, only a single look of the watch is enough to impress anyone.

Movement: The wrist watch uses Japanese Miyota Quartz analog movement that adds to its reliability and performance. The timepiece is quite lightweight and highly durable. It weighs 5.28 ounces only.

Water Resistance: The watch will perfectly withstand a few splashes of water but if incidently immersed in water, it may stop working. Its water resistance depth is 50 meters.

Warranty: Loaded with 1 year warranty, the watch is highly durable.


OG Watch black and gold

The premier maker of original natural wood and steel watches, Original Grain has forged hardwood and steel in this watch in a classic and traditional manner. The truly original product is a fresh approach to high standard of originality, authenticity and craftsmanship. A good variety of exotic hardwoods is used to create these impressive watches. The sustainably sourced original ebony wood particularly used in this watch is hard as stone.

This hard wood makes this watch naturally durable. The premium quality wood used in the construction of original Grain watches does not degrade or deteriorate with time. They do not even become brittle over time. The ebony wood used in the craftsmanship of this analog watch is brought from Indonesia.

The best part in buying these watches is that they are unique actually. No two Original grain watches are same. The watches include premium silver oxide battery and are available in stylish wood engraved boxes.

The bands of the time pieces are designed in such a way that they fit each wrist size without any complication. Wrist bands are provided with fold over push button clasp safety. The bands are built with metal stamp of 316 L stainless steel. The links of the stainless steel band can also be removed to make it adjustable according to the wrist size.

The analog display of the watch is convenient to use.

Let us have a look on further specifications of the watch:

Looks: The 47 mm dial of the watch is black in color. The bezel is designed from wood and case thickness is 12 mm which adds to your style quotient.

A perfect watch for every day wear, its 23 mm wide band stainless steel band is covered with antique gold plating. The gold plating of the steel band assures its durability and provides protection against rust and water damage. It also protects the natural shade of wood complemented by dark inlays of wood.

The black face of the watch is covered with mineral glass that is scratch proof and adds durability to the dial. The three hand dial of the watch shows date as well.

Movement: The working of this watch is supported by Japanese Miyota Quartz analog movement. It is known to provide most accurate timing. The watch is reliable and performs well.

Water resistance: Original grain 47 mm analog watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM. It can withstand a few splashes of water but being made of natural wood it should not be submerged into water for longer intervals of time. The stainless steel construction of band prevents the water seepage into the internals of the watch.

Warranty: The stylish watch affordable to your pocket is loaded with 1-year warranty. The highly durable product lasts longer.

The classical designer watch is available at a pocket friendly price.


OG Brewmaster collection

The brew master collection from Original Grain is built true to its design. Made from premier hardwood and stainless steel, brew master collection is a fresh approach to traditional workmanship of the watches. The natural hardwood is forged with stainless steel and classical traditional craftsmanship to create these watches.

Being made from live wood, no two original Grain watches are same. The color of natural wood keeps on changing over time and thus the shade of two watches is always different.

Brew master collection is built from authentic reclaimed wooden beer barrels. The construction is followed by a tempered carbonization process which helps to extract the utmost individuality from every ale-soaked artifact.

The reclaimed wood required for the craftsmanship of the brew master collection is availed from beer barrels of Munich and Germany. Original Grain assures that 10 trees are planted for each watch sold. The premier wood used is does not degrade or become brittle over time. The watches are built in such a way that they can be worn daily without putting any extra effort in their maintenance.

Read on to know more about the features and specifications of the brew master collection:

Looks: The 42 mm diameter of the case of the Original Grain brew master watch is surrounded by a bezel. The bezel features a 4 mm wood bezel inlay that makes the watch look more interesting and attractive. The dial is specifically brown in color and is built from natural oak wood. The custom stencil indices represent the details of the watch.

Watch face of the brew master watches is covered with a mineral crystal glass. This glass is scratch resistant and protects the dial from dust and water.

The 316 L brushed silver stainless steel band of the Original Grain watch fits of all sizes. The links of the watch can be removed in order to adjust its length. The stainless steel is coated with silver coat in order to increase its durability by removing the risk of rusting or degradation of wood. The band width is 23 mm and it is closed with the help of fold over push button clasp with safety. It holds the watch safely in your wrist and never let it fall.

The watch is quite sleek when compared with other popular brands and the case thickness in merely 12 mm.

Movement: The watch works on the premium quality movement: Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz. It is one of the finest movements and is known to provide accurate timings.

Water resistance: The watches are water resistant up to 5 ATM. It can easily withstand a few splashes of water but its immersion in water for longer intervals can definitely spoil the quality of wood. The dial casing of the watch plays a great role in water resistance.

Warranty: Brew master collection from Original Grain is supported with a 1-year warranty. It ensures the durability and long life of the watch.

All these features make this watch an ideal accessory for every day professional and casual settings.


Original Grain presents a unique alternative to other minimalist watches like MVMT or more traditional Chronograph styled watches. Original Grain is minimalist, hip and eco-friendly. We hope you found this Original Grain watch review helpful. It’s easily one of our most asked about watch brands in our NYC location.