Reviewing Cowboy Hats to Pair with an Original Grain Watch

To be stylish man or woman, it is not enough to have a nice watch. You need the right accessories to go along with your watch collection.

One of our favorite brands in this website is the Original Grain collection. These watches are unlike any other watch type. Most watches are normally made of some metal.

However, Original Grain is unique because it uses a variety of exotic hardwoods, including rosewoods, maple woods and mahogany. These woody types give their watches an “earthy” flavor. It’s a type of watch that a cowboy would be wearing to go along with their tan booths and brownish leather pants.

But you don’t need to buy a lasso or parade down Central Park with a horse to get that cowboy look with your Original Grain watch. All you need is a good cowboy hat to pair with your Original Grain watch collection.

Back in the days when horseback riding was the primary mode for transportation, the cowboy hat was all the rage and very popular. In today’s world, men’s cowboy hats are relegated to rural, country men and farmers for the most part. However, if something like the trucker hat can become popular than so can the western style cowboy hat. So for those in the market for a top men’s cowboy hat, here’s a list of some of the leading manufactures.


Bailey’s western hats have a long line of support from rodeos. In fact the company sponsored the 2007 Miss Rodeo America, Ashley Andrews. They make a more sturdy style of hats making them perfect to use while working.

American West

American west is a pure cowboy hat and boots company. In other words, they make nothing but cowboy apparel. They too make working-type cowboy hats and have a long line of western accessories including belts. They’re often one of the cheaper options for cowboy hats.


This company’s main claim to fame is their leather boot products. They’ve been a major boot manufacturer since 1883. But like any good business, they’ve expanded over time including belts and hats into their product lines. Lucchese is well known for the premium leather work and their overall quality standards.


Not to be confused with the university, Stetson has been around since 1865. Located in Garland, Texas, the Stetson Hat Company makes it’s living only in premium men’s cowboy hats. These guys are one of the largest brands of western clothing in the world. Being one of the largest producers, it’s pretty easy to find a Stetson hat and their quality is top notch.


Resistol is also located in Garland, Texas and specializes in felt cowboy hats. With a combination of rabbit and beaver fur, their hats have some of the highest review marks from consumers. Being made of felt, their hats are probably viewed more as a fashion accessory but I know a few people who where them as working hats as well.

Fashion trends have a tendency to come and go. At some point I’m sure that men’s cowboy hats will be a beneficiary of a boost in popularity. When that happens, you’ll now be prepared by knowing some of the top cowboy hat brands in the industry. Of course, new brands will come along but these companies are here to stay and are known for their quality.

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