Silver Gift Ideas for Men

Wondering what to give the man in your life for his birthday?

Men’s silver jewelry and premium watches can be a stylish and elegant gift for any man. It provides a bit of flash to their look while still remaining classy and subdued. Gold chains and bracelets often look too extravagant, but men’s silver jewelry can be worn tastefully in most occasions.

Silver chains, watches, cuff links, bracelets, and silver jewelry rings are all solid gift choices that he is sure to appreciate.

Men’s Silver Wristwatch: The Automatic Style

In my automatic watch guide, I cover some of the world’s best watches. The automatic is the ultimate watch. Due to its fine craftsmanship, automatic watches require no batteries and power themselves through the movements of its user. This type of watch is highly sought after because automatic watches are high quality and retains most of its value over time.

There are many types of automatic watches from low cost, entry level watches like the Heritor brand or premium brands like Omega. The big upscale brands, like Omega, Tag Heuer and Rolex have amazing selections of silver watches. Take a look at my guide on automatic watches and pick one that works for your budget and needs.

Men’s Silver Jewelry: Necklaces

Silver necklaces are becoming more popular with men, even those who previously considered themselves too masculine to wear jewelry. Silver jewelry chains give a man a distinguished style without making him look girly. The most common type of silver neck chain is 18 to 24 inches long.

They are designed to fit rather tightly around the neck, falling near the area of the sternum. This is a direct contrast to women’s necklaces that drop far below the neckline. Men’s silver jewelry is usually intended to be less flamboyant than the female alternative.

Men’s Silver Jewelry: Bracelets

Silver bracelets have long been acceptable for men, even in the days when the wearing of jewelry was discouraged. Sterling silver bracelets give an air of dignity, along with letting a man express some of his personal style.

They can be worn in a number of social and business settings. Silver jewelry bracelets can often be found at a much lower price than similar gold jewelry.

Men’s Silver Jewelry: Rings

Silver rings for men are an elegant way to show him you care without being too outrageous. Again, the lower price of sterling silver men’s rings makes them very appealing, both as a gift and as a purchase a man makes for himself.

Silver wedding rings are available for couples seeking something different than the traditional gold band. Gemstones can also be inlaid into the sterling silver to create an even flashier look.

Men’s Silver Jewelry: Cuff Links

Silver cuff links have been a standard men’s holiday gift for years. They may be of limited utility today, though, since many men do not work in a traditional business environment anymore.

There are only certain types of dress shirts that can accommodate sterling silver cuff links, so be sure your man has occasion to dress up before giving them as a gift. Silver men’s cuff links can be customized with engraved initials, logos or personal designs.

Gemstones and glass inlays may be available on the more extravagant pieces of men’s silver jewelry and cufflinks.