Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

There are a lot of great summer 2019 fashion trends heading your way for men this year. Some of them are probably quite unexpected.

Flip flops and sneakers are both summer 2019 fashion makers. The biggest fashion trend is the Adidas-Diesel collaboration. Sky tops are also another hot item. However, high tops are definitely not a fashion trend.


Khaki shorts will make a fashion come back. This fashion trend makes men look slimmer because they are more fitted than other types of shorts. Of course, these shorts are available in sizes that are made to suit individuals of every height.


Accessories are a definite must whenever it came to summer 2019 fashion. Fashion trends here include leather chunks by designers such as David Beckham, Lenny Kravitz and Johnnie Depp. Gothic necklaces and bracelets by Thamos Sabo are also a big hit. Belts by Domenic and Stefano are also another popular fashion trend.

Luxury Watches for Men

Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect watch. Whether it’s luxury or sporty watches, there’s a perfect watch for everyone. It all depends on your budget and what style you’re going for. Check out our definitive guide on style to discover what’s right for you.

Office Wear

Suits and ties or bow ties that are fit and cut are popular fashion trends. These suits are very flattering and use both permanent press and anti-shrink technologies, which are great for men on the go. Names like Christian Dior are quite popular not only in suits but also with their silk ties. This is especially true of those with a floral print on them. Of course, bow ties are also popular, especially in bright colors and with bold prints.


Bold colored shirts are a big summer 2019 fashion hit. This fashion trend even makes it popular for Disney shirts to be worn. Yes, grown men are wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirts without embarrassment. The other popular company to make trendy shirts is Dolce amp; Gabbanna. They make double breasted, bold colored shirts that are also a fashion trend throughout the summer.


Jeans and pants are hot especially those that are distressed in nature. These have a slightly narrow leg sizing that is quite flattering. The brand names that are the most popular included Dolce amp; Gabbana, Ernergie, Diesel, Iceberg, SugAr Cane,Frankie Marrelo and Takeshy.