Summer Clothing To Complement Your Watch

All men like to look good for the Summer season. A great watch collection would work well in any weather. However, one needs a good set of clothes for each season. In particular, fashion is important for a self-styled man because it’s in the summer where you get to strut your stuff!

Unlike a fall and winter wardrobe, a fella doesn’t need as many clothing items. He can still dress appropriately, be comfortable and look good. This article will provide you with the basic essentials for looking good and surviving the heat of the Summer.

White T Shirt

The hotter the temperature, the more acceptable the white T shirt. You can usually get these anyplace for about $10. They go good with shorts of all types, blue jeans and even a sport jacket. For late night wear, go to a solid black T shirt for style.


Shorts of all types are good to go. You can go with cargo, classic plaid and even board-shorts. These cost between $19 and $50 each.


Blue Jeans are great for cool mornings and evening attire. Just go with a light colored blue pant. Avoid heavy jeans.

Polo Pullover Shirts

These shirts are great for casual attire. They are a cross between formal and casual during hot Summer days. Avoid ties with these. They cost between $29 and $49 depending on the brand name.

Gingham Shirt

You can go with long or short sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts look great if the sleeves are folded up twice. A good looking shirt will go for just under $50.

Plain toe Oxford Shoes

This is your best bet for formal and casual Summer wear. Avoid sandals except at home or in a casual atmosphere. Light socks work best with these shoes.

Summer Jackets

Light colored summer jackets are best for formal wear. Avoid dark colors. The lighter the jacket in color and weight the better you are.


Consider changing your scent to a summer type of fragrance. Remember you perspire more in the heat. This means more showers and different fragrances.

Note – A good rule to remember is light in color and weight. People do not expect you to overdress in the heat. As a matter of fact, it makes individuals feel uncomfortable if you do.

Photo by Gianne Karla Tolentino from Pexels