Summer to Fall Fashion Tips for Adult Women

My aunt travelled in the ministry for 14 years. She usually went from Florida to somewhere that’s 30 degrees cooler.

She overhauled her wardrobe due to limited luggage allowance and that temperature difference.

Bulky sweaters were replaced by light weight sweaters and tops covered by a jacket, hoodie, coat or sweater. Her wardrobe became multi-seasonal to deal with the multiple seasons that she encounters on her trips.

Here are some multi-seasonal and multi-functional suggestions:

1- The light sweater or hoodie that you wear on summer evenings or as a beach cover-up can be layered over sleeveless,short-sleeve,cap-sleeve or half-sleeve tops in cooler weather.

2- Add a shawl or sweater to your long summer dresses,replacing the sandals with shoes.

3- Pair floral pieces with coordinating fall colors such as corals,greens,tans or browns.

4- Add tights and knee-high boots to your mini dress or sun-dress and cover with a jacket,blazer or sweater.

5- Add jeans or a skirt,a vest and shoes to your summer top.

6- By adding tights,shoes or boots and a fall top or sweater to your summer skirt, you can wear it in fall weather.

7- Accessorize with dress watches and cute caps, if you wear them and exchange your summer purses and sandals for winter colors and shoes.

8- Two keys to stretching your wardrobe over the seasons are:

  • Season-less fabrics;denim,rayon/polyester blends,medium weight cottons.
  • Year-round colors that suit your color pallet. My wardrobe has the same colors in all seasons, such as- blacks,reds,greens,blues,pinks and purples. Except that the summer reds are brighter than the winter reds.

9- One thing that’s helped me use my wardrobe multi-seasonally, are capped, short, half and three-quarter sleeved tops.These span seasons and can be covered with a sweater,hoodie,blazer,jacket or coat and mixed with skirts or jeans and shoes for a multi-functional look that goes from spring to fall.

10- Some other garments that help span the seasons are jeans,capris,tapered burmuda shorts,denim skirts and pencil/A-line skirts in season-less fabrics.In spring, I exchange long-sleeved tops and sweaters for shorter sleeves, over jeans, and skirts, with a sweater or hoodie.In warmer weather, I replace the jeans with capris and tapered burmuda shorts.In fall, I return to jeans and cover with a sweater or hoodie.

11- You can also layer longer sleeved tops and shirts as jackets over shorter sleeved or sleeveless tops when the weather turns cooler and pair them with jeans or a skirt. If the top is long enough, you can combine it with leggings or stretch jeans.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels