Summer Trends for Men in Office

The 2018 summer season is rapidly approaching and whether you take your fashion advice from Versace or the fashionistas at Great Watches, you are going to find this season’s staples stand out in a crowd.

Find out which trends rang true among most designers.

This men’s office attire wrap up will help you to channel your inner Noah Mills and keep up with the times without following the runway lines.

From the Bottom Up

Slightly loose straight leg pants make their return to the men’s fashion scene this year sending the skinny pant and the bootcut pant packing. From Dockers to Dolce & Gabbana, the straight leg pant has a commanding lead over its competition, and we can all see why.

This clean cut pant with or without a front pleat makes a great statement and unlike some of its competition, it works on men of all ages.

Not too tight for the body-conscious or too loose to accentuate the perfect physique, this year’s pant should be the perfect length to expose that rich leather shoe with none of that useless bunching around the ankle.

Keeping more than its cut clean, the pant is best presented in tones of gray, sailor-boy blue and traditional black.

Look Cool in Shades

As in get yourself, a nice pair of shades. Fashion is about mixing and matching colors. What better way to bring out your inner Shaft and look great on your way to work or in the subway.

What’s hot this summer are the shades from MVMT. Check out this sunglass review to see what works for you and your budget.

Polish Your Palette with Colorful Shirts

Pair your pants with one of this year’s many military-inspired shirts for a combination of fashion and ease sure to catch someone’s attention.

From classic white to pale and printed military shirt, or the Western shirt for work wear, this hits the trends when tucked into pants for a neat polished sophistication.

Check out the Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors versions of this shirt at Macy’s or head on over to Express for an even more modern fit.

If you really want to stay traditional, keep the color play and ditch the pockets.

Top it all off with the right dress watch. If you need help in choosing between a white face or a black face watch, check out my guide on dress watches.

What Suits You

The two button blazer wins the award for suit jacket of the year. Fitted to perfection, the jacket can be found in a variety of materials including wool and sateen! From tan and taupe to black and blue, the suit leaves plenty of room for creativity.

Throw it on over a suit matching five-button vest or a bright colored v-neck sweater to add style and keep your wardrobe interesting.

If you don’t think that two button blazers look good on you, take a risky tip from Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Dsquared and give this year’s double-breasted jacket a try.

Belt it Out

For the office man, keep your belt calm but don’t be afraid to use a belt with a faint print or a pastel tone when wearing a neutral shirt, pant, and tie.

Whether you decide to go the Calvin Klein route and wear a belt that blends in with your outfit completely — or go with a stand-out — the belt is one you should not forgo!