How to Update Your Wardrobe

It’s almost the end of winter, and it’s time to think about assessing spring and summer fashions. Perhaps, it’s been a while since you last did a wardrobe audit. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to think about a new watch or some fancy accessories to upgrade what’s in your closet.


The first thing one must do to improve their appearance, is to take a good look at their self in a mirror. Front and backside. Look in a long length mirror and assess your clothing.

Note: This is not intended to be used to beat yourself up. Instead it is to gather information for improving on you, and most definitely will add to your self esteem in the long run.


Evaluate the situation. What do you see? Weight, height, troubled areas, and most of all clothing?

You might want to have a trusted friend or family member that is known for being kind, but very honest person help you assess yourself. By means of what you need to change about your wardrobe.


About how you feel when looking in the mirror. Are your clothing to tight, a little snug here and there, to baggy, don’t fit well at all?

How do you feel with what you are wearing?

Look at the colors and your accessories. Are they to plain, or to dark in color?

Take notes.

Are you looking drab in outdated clothes?

Do you just throw on anything?

Are your kids embarrassed by what you wear?

If you answered ” yes” to just one of these questions, then you have found yourself on track at the right place. The key to staying in touch is to pay attention, observe what others are wearing and keep your wardrobe up to date. If we aren’t paying attention.

Over the years, times change, we change, and our body shape changes. It is estimated that our body changes every seven years. So don’t wait to long before you redo your wardrobe, or else your attire could “age you” by making you look out of date, and perhaps won’t fit right either. We get all new cells and our shape changes over time.

Therefore, it isn’t hard to lose track of what is in stylist for this season or that year to this year if we don’t keep track of what people are wearing and how to look great all year long and every year!

If we aren’t careful we will look out of touch at worst, and into a fad that is long gone. By reconsidering our attire, and tossing out garments that are outdated we will look good and feel great. Anything that hasn’t been worn in 12 months or longer should be tossed / donated.

The convenience of just grabbing any old thing and throwing it on is a bad habit that can in-circle our life where ever we happen to go. Being a parent makes it even easier to forget our facade from time to time. Letting it blend over into our every day attire leaves little to desire for the perceptions of other peoples feelings towards our image. Then we fall into a rut of looking odd, old, or possibly weird.Not to mention shabby, or dull. By updating our wardrobe, hair and make-up every three years we are more able to stay up to date with fashion trends and look chic in the process.


If you know you need a fashion makeover then you are headed in the right direction.

The first step is to acknowledge that you need to update your wardrobe for a finer quality look. A style that will have you looking hip, classy and polished for all occasions. But, first take into consideration your age, social, and business responsibilities.

You will want to wear outfits that compliment your body shape, skin tone, personality, life goals, and life style. Have clothes for various events such as: A preppy look for business, athletic look for working out, sexy look for evening on the town, and beach attire for fun times in the sun.

Remember, to never change your personal style just to please someone else. Stay true to your self, your personality, likes, and dislikes by being yourself. You can be yourself and still look fantastic!

It will be easy enough to update your clothing and totally love it when you take time to assess what you like, and don’t like.


When you are purchasing main pieces of your wardrobe such as suits, jackets, pants, and skirts; don’t be afraid to add color and shape to your style.

The deciding factor of how to update your wardrobe, and accessories.

Checkout fashion magazines, catalogs, browse popular clothing stores, and checkout clothing online. Get an idea of what people are buying, and wearing. Look at accessories while you are taking note of what’s in style. Take a look at what your favorite celebrities are wearing, and watch some fashion shows for good measure.


Have a fashion buddy help you, one that you admire their choice in designer material. Ask for their opinion and advice on what they think you would look good on you. To where you both agree on the clothing material before you purchase anything. You will want to hear what their suggestion’s are for clothing, and accessories, that they think will look good on you. You will want to know what colors look the best on you also, and know your body measurements before venture doing any shopping.

If you need to, you might want to hire a Consultant,one that is trained to accurately assess what would look good on your figure, and to teach you how to choose desirable clothing for all your needs. (It is your choice how you go about doing it, but you will want helpful advice from the right person overall. Be that a friend or someone else.)


By making important changes you will have a lot of clothes to toss out. Consider donating them to your local charity, or perhaps selling the nicer pieces on eBay. If you are sticking with “friend help” than have your stylish friend go shopping with you for your new wardrobe style, and for accessories. Have your list of items you want and need. Start with the main basic pieces that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.


For Women, a button down dress blouse in a solid color, dress pants in a solid color (preferably black, or tan), black dress, cashmere sweater, a fashionable pair of jeans, a trench coat for tall ladies and a coat that is knee length for medium height females; and a purse that you will be able to coordinate with. Consider upgrading your watch collection with suave watch.

Which is a list of clothing items for more of a helpful asset in attire for business appointments, and for a professional appearance. Furthermore, you will want the latest fashion trend for your active wear, and for your lounge / beach wear.

If you have some body issues, or concerns for areas of your body that you want to camouflage, take that into consideration before buying anything. Ask yourself, “will this look good on me?” Try it on, look in the mirror before making a final decision.

If you have a heavy mid section than buy blouses that are loose fitting. Baby doll blouses are a good choice and other loose fitting shirts.

Browse through the clothes to determine what will look good on your body shape. For instance, if your upper arms are heavy and you want to cover them up, then try shirts that are three fourths length of a sleeve. If you are heavy on the bottom than you will want to wear items that are comfortable around your waist.

Note: Men can also take tips from this advice for their choice in clothing material to make sure that it coordinates with their weight and height.


Name brand attire is always nice, and fashionable. You can find these items on sale if you shop around. Everything from sport suits to tennis shoes. You might want to check out Athleta online, which has trendy and comfortable attire for flexible movement. Such as with cargo pants, and shoes. Keens also has great shoes for all your needs. Along with many other popular clothing stores to choose from.

Look great for any occasion by browsing around online or in person at some of the more popular shopping sites for your overall fashion attire, and accessories. You can’t go wrong! For everything from designer preppy clothes, to fitness gear and beach wear. Check out the clearance sections first. But only buy what looks good on you and is stylish.

Clothes from Athleta, Keens, and Overstock are great online shopping sites for all your apparel needs, along with great accessories, right from home! Or go out, and have fun browsing your local Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Old Navy, and Ross stores for the latest fashion trends that will sure to have you looking totally fantastic!

Know that you can look sexy, and sophisticated by just transforming your outdated look with popular clothing and embellishments. Therefore, make sure you stay away from buying clothes that are to tight, to small, and / or to revealing.

Tips: When shopping online read the clothing size chart before ordering, and check out their buying guide to narrow down your searches. Also, keep a measuring tape handy for size comparisons. This will help eliminate most of your returns.

In addition, programs to watch for more information would be like: “What Not to Wear” which airs on BBC and TLC channels. Along with a program called, “How Do I Look”. This will all add to your knowledge and fashion success.