Vincero Watch Review

In this Vincero watch review, we take a look at another minimalist watch style that has taken the world of horology by storm.

Like the MVMT brand and Original Grain,  Vincero got its start via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In just less than five years, Vincero has sold thousands of watches, and it has become part of the minimalist watch revolution that continues to disrupt the watch industry.


I came across the Vincero brand, when I received a gift from my cousin. He knew I was a watch aficionado and this watch “caught his eye.” Indeed, I was surprised by the craftsmanship and the Italian marble.

It got me intrigued, so I started digging more info about the Vincero.

It turns out the brand did not come from some guy named “Vincero” or an Italian dude named Vincent.

The idea came from three college buddies and lifetime friends Tim, Aaron and Sean. They realized that the watch industry needed to be “disrupted.” There were too many minimalist watches that offered very little value and the big department stores were filled with expensive brand names.

The watch consumer deserved better.

And thus, the concept for the Vincero watch was born: to deliver quality products at a reasonable price.

According to their company motto, these qualities are what sets them apart:

  • Bold and uncompromising style
  • Experienced manufacturing team
  • Direct to consumer model
  • Top notch, in-house customer service

Whenever a Vincero watch is placed next to its any of its competitors, the difference becomes apparent almost immediately. Whether it’s the fine Italian leather or the Italian marble, it does feel good to strap on a Vincero watch around your wrist.

Unlike most other brands that fail to pay attention to certain aspects during the mass production of watches, Vincero always makes sure that each of their watches are crafted with great attention to even the smallest of details.

The biggest complaints with all these new-age, minimalist watches is their craftsmanship.

It’s Chinese. It uses Japanese quartz movement.


I understand the criticisms, but I think all watches aren’t made equal. Indeed, this watch won’t compete with a Patek Philippe chronograph. But then again, why are you looking at watches priced under $200, if you’re considering a Patek Philippe?

In my humble opinion, Vincero is best suited for someone looking for a watch under $200 who might be interested in an entry level chronograph or dress watch.

All of the Vincero watches have been designed by experts who know the core fundamentals of luxury accessories.

They have been crafted to make a bold statement and can immediately set you apart from the crowd. They not only look distinctive but also feel very different as compared to other watches.

Each of the Vincero timepieces feature a marble case back taken from the same Italian marble that has been used for constructing the various testaments for several powerful leaders throughout history. Each of the pieces from Vincero is rooted in deep philosophy.


In 2011, the three founders quit their job to live their dream. They came with an idea, they saw the opportunity and they sought to conquer the watch industry.

It took about five years to build their business, and now, they have a self-funded, startup watch company that is disrupting an aging industry.

The brand has a simple philosophy, i.e. to always provide their customers with the best of the best. However, what sets apart Vincero from other watch brands is that they use only the best parts which are every bit worth the price they are paid for. This ensures that the watches endure the test of time.

Upon further inspection of Vincero watches, it’s clear the company places a high value on quality. They take pride in their attention to detail while manufacturing each of the pieces. They use only the best quality raw materials. The company also sticks to very rigorous standards for quality control.

The entire process from the manufacturing to the selling is closely monitored to ensure that only the best reach their customers. It is a real pride to own one of the Vincero watches, complete with rich Italian leather that ages beautifully with time.

Vincero also has a very convenient and satisfying way of delivering their products to the customers. They do not deal through middlemen, which in turn ensure the authenticity of the product. This approach also ensures that all the customers can purchase their watches at the same price. The delivery charges may differ from place to place.

There are also a few pieces without any extra charges for shipping. Customers from any part of the world can place their orders directly through the brand’s online portal and get their product delivered in just a matter of days. They use the services of a large network of distributors due to which they can make very quick deliveries.

Vincero has a very organized way of handling all their orders. Due to this, they are able to deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction with each of their deliveries. The staffs make a thorough inspection of each of the watches before they are sent off. Furthermore, each of the watches is put into special boxes that exude luxury.

When you open your case of Vincero watch, you immediately know that the price paid was every bit worth it. Furthermore, they use very high-quality materials for the packaging so that the watches reach their owners in pristine conditions. After a thorough review of a Vincero watch, it’s clear what the hype is all about.

But I guess the $200 question remains:

Should you buy into the Vincero hype?

Come… See what they have to offer… and Conquer your doubts….


Watches are one of the most classy accessories for both men and women, and Vincero takes it to another level. The Vincero watches are neat, classy and comfortable. They possess all the virtues you would want from a wristwatch. They have host selling ranges for both men as well as women.

Given below are the detailed Vincero watch reviews for their three ranges – the Chrono S, the Kairos and the Bellwether.


vincero timepiece analysis

Vincero has always had the name for doing the uncommon, and they have not failed to please their customers with their Men’s Chrono S watch. The watch is quite exceptional both in terms of its design and quality.

It has all the features of a chronograph watch:

  • 3 knobs on the side
  • Different subdials for the different time increments

As I’ve stated before, the Chrono S does not employ the Swiss movement. It’s not trying to be an $800 Hamilton chronograph watch. If you can afford it, I highly suggest perusing the best Swiss made chronographs, as they are indeed quality.

However, if you’re not yet ready to splash a couple grand for a chronograph watch, then a watch like Vincero (priced well under $200) would work best for you.

With the Chrono S, Vincero has proved that real luxury does not have to be expensive. With its very reasonable price tag, the Vincero is easily affordable by all. In addition to that, these are not even limited edition.


This classy watch breaks down the old tradition of a society divided between the rich and the poor. It defines a modern age and is purely centered on style. The Chrono S is equally popular among people coming from all the different strata of society.

Crafted by the hands of skilled artists, these watches are a rare combination of quality and class.

They are made using the first class materials and have a case back with “VENI VIDI VICI” engraved on it. The watch has pure Italian marble inlaid in its case back made out of stainless steel. The steel case also has a blue sunray dial and a sapphire crystal that adds to its splendor.

Ever since the Chrono S started selling, it has remained a hot favorite.

Like most of the other Vincero watches, the Chrono S has its strap made out of seasoned Italian leather that feels rich when you wear them. The glossy leather straps lift the overall style appeal of the Chrono S. They immediately create an impression of luxury and excellence.

With its large round dial and chronograph seconds hand, it becomes very easy to read the time. You do not have to peer over the dial like other watches.

what minimalist watch to buy

You feel something very nice while wearing a Chrono S watch. You can confidently show it off and still take comfort in the fact that it did not cost the world to you. The watch has a shiny rim and pristine glass case that looks great in the sun.

The watch does not have elaborately printed numbers, but only tiny metal bars to mark the hours. This gives it an altogether minimal appeal.

The hands are long enough to reach the hour markings, allowing you to read the time even with a quick glimpse easily. Furthermore, the dial has tiny marking towards the rim where you can accurately read the seconds. It has three different lugs on the side that can be used to adjust the time to exact precision.

There are also three different subdials on the main dial. These are placed close to the center and have a good distance from the edge which gives the watch a sophisticated appeal without making it look too crowded.

Many people who are used to having the date window towards the perimeter may not like this placement. However, it should be noted that although the subdials are huddled close together, they are quite easy to read, given the neat markings and the long pointers.

Overall, this review concludes the Vincero Chrono S watch is a fashionable, affordable watch. It fits perfectly under your shirt cuffs. They are a versatile piece of accessory and can be worn all throughout the week with all the different attires. They go perfectly well with formals as well as with jeans.

You can wear it to office in your suit and then again during the night for a party. Adding a Chrono S to your wardrobe will solve much of your problem for accessorizing. There are no compromises with the Chrono S; it perfectly fits all occasions.

It is one of those watches that you simply look at and fall in love. These are great timepieces on a reasonable budget and will also give quite a good lasting.


  • Subtle and classy design
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Goes with all types of attires
  • Looks very attractive from far off
  • Not too heavy despite having a full metal body
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Convenient subdial placement
  • Case made out of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Crafted with attention to detail
  • Makes for an excellent gift
  • Comes in blue and rose gold rims, which can be selected depending on the choice of the buyer
  • Looks more expensive than its original cost


  • The watch may lose some time. So you will have to keep on readjusting it
  • The band may slip open while you are still wearing it


Kairos vincero style

If you have been looking for a stylish watch that goes perfectly well with all the dresses, then you should definitely give the Vincero Kairos a shot. This is a watch that does great for you without breaking the bank. The Kairos line from Vinceros places importance on the quality as well as the style.

Like all of their watches, this one too carries a great appeal and gives an impression of excellence. The Kairos sticks to the core ethos of Vinceros. It is a very high-quality watch with a very reasonable price tag.


The Kairos is crafted with a modern design and is suited to the tasted of young gentlemen. There are 6 different watches in the Kairos range, all with interesting combinations for the case, strap color, and dial. However, all of the options have a similar dial design and shape which make them easily identifiable as Kairos.

The watch has a thin, elegant case made from stainless steel and has the brand crown at the 3 o clock. It is a comparatively large watch with a width of 42 millimeters. Fashion-wise, this is quite a large dial size, but is still very reasonable for everyday use. It especially looks great on men with a large wrist size.

It should be noted that Kairos is not one of the watches from Vinceros that is designed for rough use. However, it is capable of withstanding 10 ATM which about 100 meters of resistance under water. Therefore, you can go about without removing the watch while indulging in water activities, even during the intense.

For example, if you get caught in a shower, you do not have to worry about the water getting into the dial. The watch also has a sapphire coating that helps in protecting the mineral crystal. The coating gives a great finishing touch to the watch.

The back of the case has an engraving of “Veni Vidi Vici,” the famous quote by Julius Caesar, which means “I came, I saw, I conquered.” However, the quote may be a little oddly placed given the Kairos is taken from Greek. However, the meaning is still relevant.

It is a watch that adds confidence to your daily life, making you ready to conquer anything ahead of you. Like every other Vinceros watch, the Kairos too has a pristine piece of marble inside the case which is a reminder of their motto “Build Your own Legacy”.

The Kairos has an elegant dial that comes in three different colors – the jet black, the plain white and the rich blue sunburst. All of them have unique combinations that look simply stunning with any outfit. These watches have a perfect finish allowing anyone to pull it off with ease.

Furthermore, it also has luminous hands, making it quite easy to keep track of time even in the dark. The hands, as well as the hour markers, are simple and delicate giving the watch a minimalistic yet sophisticated appeal.  It is hard to find any fault with this watch.

The outer chapter ring of the watch has a steep angle which might make the view of the minute markers a bit scrunchy when viewed upside down. However, his very same design also makes the watch look very interesting.

Although the watch is crafted in a modern design, it uses antique fonts for the minute markers which are placed adjacent to the silver colored hour index.

This keeps the watch from looking too modern or in other words too commonplace like a lot of other watches on the market. The font application is not perfect upon a close examination. However, you cannot really expect a top-notch finish at this price.


  • Subtle accents increase the appeal of the watch
  • Makes for a great gift
  • Looks much more expensive than it really is
  • Extremely stylish
  • Great quality


  • It may be difficult to come across a decent repair shop if repair is needed


BELLWETHER STYLE vincero review

The Vincero Men’s Bellwether watch is one of those luxury watches that are crafted with utmost care and attention. The watch has a perfectly polished silver casing that is an immediate eye-catcher. It gives the watch a distinctive look and is sure to attract a lot of compliments along the way.

The casing is capable of withstanding up to 10 ATM of water, thus allowing you to wear it in all types of environment.


The casing of the watch is made out of 316 L surgical grade stainless steel which makes it highly durable. The dial measures 43 mm in diameter, thus making it perfect for the large male wrists. The watch looks great both with casual as well as formal outfits.

The watch also has a hint of history to offer to its wearer. There is a small piece of marble in its case back. This is the same marble that was used for a better part of the Roman empire and perhaps even the same that was used for crafting the Michelangelo’s David.

This makes the Bellwether a timeless piece. It is a reminder always to keep moving forward, build your own legacy and strive for the best.

The Bellwether comes with a crystal glass that has a sapphire coating which gives it a brilliant shine and also makes it resistant towards scratches and scrapes. This makes the watch simply perfect for work as well as play. This is one of those watches from Vincero that features that Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

It also has a date function, thereby adding to its functionality for the wearer. The watch uses leather bands for the strap. These are authentic calf leather from Italy. This adds to the comfort of those who develop a skin reaction with metal straps. Although the leather straps are quite thin and soft, they are so strong that you will hardly need a replacement. The straps can also be interchanged using a release button on the back.


  • Impressive style
  • Uses high-quality materials
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great value for money


  • A close inspection will reveal that the finish is not so great.


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With so many brands selling amazing timepieces, it can be quite difficult to understand the watch market and more so when fashionable pieces are being sold at very reasonable prices. You can see watch promotions all around you, especially over the social media. Even people with minor Instagram following are sufficiently paid for popularizing different products.

With all this commotion, it can become very confusing in choosing a brand. At Great Watches, we strive to highlight these emerging new brands that everyone should be talking about.

For too long, watches have been dominated by mass-produced manufacturers that rely solely on their history and brand name. They create the design and send it over to large department stores, where they are sold at huge mark-ups.

Often, they bypass local boutiques like Great Watches in favor of large department stores. With the advent of technology and the proliferation of the Internet, it’s has now been possible to discover these indie watch companies, like Vincero and MVMT.


All of the pieces from Vincero are classy and elegant. Although these are low impact watches, they make great for regular use. Apart from a high standard of manufacturing, Vincero also makes sure that each of their pieces retains a stylish and luxurious appeal.

This watch review concludes that Vincero does have a place in one’s wardrobe.