Who are Mileneal Watches

Recently, I was contacted by Mileneal watches, a new player in the minimalist genre, to review their watches. They recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, which helped raise $24,982 for the initial production and distribution. They are currently producing their watches and taking pre-orders via their website.

Check them out HERE.

Once we receive their watch, we’ll do a thorough video review of their watch and post it here. Here’s a quick sample of what they have to offer:


Though the world is full of a number of expensive watches but when you are looking for buying your first wrist watch within your budget then you can avoid most of them. For that reason many watch making companies are trying to provide affordable watches without compromising on their performance and style.

Mileneal is a brand that has followed this strategy while releasing its brand new watches. The Mileneal watch review provided in this write-up will help you to know this brand and its watches more closely.

Mileneal has focused on the needs of young working professionals while releasing its watches as they usually want noticeable wrist watches within their budget as they are not ready to spend on luxury watches.

The watches made by Mileneal are perfectly as per their requirements in terms of price, style and functionalities. So if you understand watches and want to spend minimum amount of money on them then you can find lots of resonating watches with this brand for you.

Here’s the official promotional video:

MILENEAL | Classic Series Official Promo Video from MILENEAL on Vimeo.

Striking reasonability

In fact, Mileneal is trying to provide young professionals an eye-catching at reasonable price without using big embellishments which increase their price instead of reinventing or changing the ways of watch making. So you can change your dream of affordable watch into reality at the company’s Coolector HQ.

The company has also launched a Kickstarter campaign recently. In this campaign you can find watches with a number of materials and styles from which you can surely choose one according to your taste.

In order to make these Mileneal watches look attractive they have included lots of materials and features without increasing their entry level prices. The inclusion of date indicator and MIYOTA GM10 movement (similar to MVMT watches) are some of the features that have been used to give a sophisticated and sleek feel and look to these excellent watches.

They have used glass with double radian dome and a layer of crystals of sapphire to protect their watches from unavoidable scrapes, scratches and bumps in your daily routine.

They have used casing made from 316L stainless steel to provide additional durability and toughness to these extremely lavish Mileneal Watches as it is considered as the strongest material for the watches.

This surgical grade stainless steel used in these watches not only increases their life but also increases their elegant looks as compared to other watches. Though Mileneal watches affordable but they have lots of attractive features which you may not find in several costly watches.


One thing that is important for any watch brand is the ability to provide various options so that everyone can choose a wristwatch as per his liking and style within his budget. Mileneal is trying to provide such facilities where one can choose a stylish watch at affordable price while buying the first watch for his wrist.

So if you understand the aesthetics of Mileneal watches then you can be impressed to find lots of affordable and stylish watches at Coolector HQ as well as at the Kickstarter campaign started by the company in October. So if anyone wants affordable watch on his wrist then Mileneal watches are the best to start with as they are made of lots of excellent features and materials.

This Mileneal watch review cannot be said complete without reviewing one of the simple and affordable timepieces of this brand.


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For audio only, check out the Podcast version from Soundcloud.


Classic is one f the watches from Mileneal that are known for their extremely reasonable price and excellent features. A close look on this watch will help you to know more about it.


  • Dimensions of this watch include 40mm x 9mm x 45mm
  • Its weight is 41 grams and water resistance rating is 3ATM/30 metre.
  • It includes Miyota GM10 movement and width of its lug is 20mm
  • Company provides 2 years warranty on this watch.
  • Its price at Kickstarter campaign is 95 SD or 50 pounds.
  • You can buy it from company’s website as well as the website of Kickstarter campaign.

More styles to look at:


The style of its casing is clearly barrel type finished with rose gold polish. Though its finishing is not much inspiring but still it is acceptable at such a low price. The shape of its lug with inward inclination is really unusual. It is coated with mineral sapphire crystal to give it a great look. Though the steel back with logo at the centre on rose gold case does not look great but is acceptable due to its low price. Similar is the condition with its crown with engraved logo and suitable grip.


The dial of Classic Mileneal watch is a bit fashionable with its multi-layers which is a good feature at this surprising price. The rose gold colour of its case and hands with standard pointed tips matches with the champagne base of its dial with gold brown coloured printing which give this watch a more elegant and subtle look. But the white coloured date counter is a bit disgusting feature of this watch due to its rough edges.


This watch has an authentically weathered pleasant looking brown coloured leather strap. It has a buckle with rose gold colour polish and a neatly engraved logo of Mileneal on its upper bar. Though it looks good but it is a bit thin and stiff due to the low price of this watch.


The Miyota GM10 movement is used in this watch due to its slim range as it is nearly 2.7mm tall and has date function. The life of its battery is 3 years which is excellent for such watches.


After going through Mileneal watch review provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that if you want to buy a stylish watch for your wrist without spending lots of your money then Mileneal watches are the best option for you. You can find plenty of designs and styles at their website as well as at Kickstarter campaign from which you can surely find one for your wrist as per your taste and liking.

How do they compare with MVMT watches? They are priced less than the typical MVMT watch. MVMT watches are anywhere from $95-200+, while the Classic Mileneal watches are all under $100. At this price range, they are still less expensive than the Vincero Watches or the eco-friendly Original Grain. At the moment, it seems all their watches are catered to men only. So sorry ladies, but keep an eye out on their page and perhaps they will roll out some fine wrist wear for the stylish femme fatales.

Overall, the aim of Mileneal is to provide exclusive watches to the young working professionals at very affordable price without compromising on their quality and performance. It’s one minimalist watch brand to keep an eye on.TweetPin It